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Wednesday's DT

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Morning all!

I just want to let you know that for the next 6 months I will not be on the site much. As of yesterday I started a new job duty here at work that keeps me much busier than my other duties did, so most of my time online will be for work related reasons. I will try to pop in during breaks and lunch and maybes from home in the evenings and on the weekend. I don't know what I am going to do without a constant does of TCS. I'll go into withdrawals. One day they will walk by me at work and I'll be curled in a little ball wimpering "must talk about cats, must talk with Bod, Debby, hissy and everyone online. Help me!"

I hope that you all behave without me here to keep an eye out LOL! I'll check in when I can.
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Ugh,it's 14:15 here in Belgium already and I'm more or less ready to go to bed. In the morning I was running around the town taking care of stuff. Now we have a man here painting our windows, and he is so slow that it makes me angry! He has been here for 3 hours already, but I don't see paint anywhere! Today is also the day we are supposed to have our car delivered, but so far nothing! As if we haven't waited long enough (half a year!). Tonight my husband has a meeting, so I will be all alone all evening, great (NOT!!!!!!!!!).
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My first morning, being single. Have to spend a lot of the day running around: driver's license, bank, Social Security. All that stuff has to be changed, to reflect my new/old name. I took back my late husband's name. Have a good one, all.
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Wahey,it's 15:08 and I see a bit of paint....Already....
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Found some help for you! LOL
Internet Addiction

It is a beautiful sunny day here and I just checked on the kittens. I need to go feed MacBeth, but she is a bit stronger today then yesterday. MacArthur has little critters on him (lice) so he gets to have his first bath this afternoon when the house really warms up. Mike is celebrating he finally got the second computer built and it works. Now we are going to have the Internet hooked up to his computer as well, upstairs. I am planning on riding Raceman today even if it is just in the pasture. Everyone have a super day!
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Good morning everyone! :daisy: Today is sunny and its suppossed to reach 80 degrees! We've been having some weird weather here in the windy city. We've had tons of rain and temps only in the low 50s. One day next week we might even get some snow! Anyways, today I am going to relax and read my book while I'm stuck at work...I don't feel like doing any homework today. Have a good day everyone!
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Adrienne - We will miss you around here! At least you will be here sometimes. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't be on here.

Hissy - I'm so glad to hear that MacBeth is doing better. I've been worrying about her all night. If anyone can pull her through this, it's you! She has to be able to feel all that love from you.

It's supposed to be cooler today, only in the 60s. It's been cloudy but so far no real rain. It is so dry out here that there is actually talk of canceling all of the fireworks displays for the 4th of July. Nothing much going on for me. Another day, another dollar (which is already spent on bills. *sigh*)
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It's a georgous day here in Iowa and this afternoon, I am going to the Mall to pick up the cat curtains I ordered for my kitchen! YIPPIE! I just hope they are there. The lady said a week and I ordered them last thrusday so I am hoping!!!!!
The cats are out on the porch watching the leaves blow in the wind and the birds feeding at the feeders.I have to keep a better eye on them them i usually do cause my dorky neighbor broke the glass out of the screen door and I put up plastic on it but I still worry about the babies because of it. The guy the broke it is really lazy too and I asked him not to take forever to get the glass fixed and well it's been 4 days now and still no sign of the window. I think I will have to get the frame from him and fix it myself and charge him for it. But I really hate to do that cause he is S/O's friend and our renter too so it is a sticky situation...
But otherwise it is a fantastic day!!!!!!!
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Your friends is in my thoughts, hope she'll be fine, and that her cats will find a good home soon!

PS. I think I said this on another forum already too, didn't I?
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Adymarie, sorry to hear you won't be around as much. Be sure to check in when you can though, ok??

SusieQ, how horrible about you friend. That must be such a terrifying life to lead. I cannot even imagine. I hope the kitties get placed together and are happy in their new home they'll go to!!

What a day around here. So windy, and abnormally chilly. We stayed indoors because of it. Kids weren't happy, but they were warm!!!!
David gets out of work late tonight, so I'll be watching the Amazing Race alone. We enjoy that show, we are sure that the best friends will win. As long as Tara and Wil don't win, I'll be happy. They get on my nerves.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!!!!!
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Sampson went to the doctor's today to have his teeth looked at. His doctor said they were fine, they just had some tartar on them and I should start brushing them. That should be fun...

Then Brian comes home with a new paint ball mask. I didn't even ask how much it costs, I don't want to know. When I ask him for some help when we redo the bathroom floor he won't have any money.

It's almost Friday!! That's something to celebrate about.
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