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Hi everyone!

Casper & Kitty introduced me to these forums, and since I love meeting new people I figured I would join

My real name is Annette, but on the net I always go by the nick "Ann". But since that was already taken (and by someone who doesn't even post no less ) I had to register under my real name instead! But feel free to call me Ann, it feels more relaxed and less formal to me that way

I'm the proud owner of a persian by the name of Oliver. I also own a golden retriever called Tina, but since this is a cat forum I'll keep her out of the discussions. I used to own another persian, Titti, but she passed away late last year...

Well, I hope this will suffice as my introduction!
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WELCOME ANN!!! Nice to see you here too!
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welcome to the boards Ann
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Thank you BigPurrs
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad to see you've already jumped into some of the other forums here.

Don't worry about talking about Tina! I think everyone here are bona-fide animal lovers, not just cat lovers. We talk about dogs, too, just not as much.

I just noticed one mistake in your intro....you said you own a cat. We all know that we are actually owned by our feline friends. :LOL: Just kiddin' with ya!!
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Hi, Ann! I love dogs and cats, especially collies and Siamese and ....and.... Welcome! Brag about any animal you want; we'll be happy to read about it and tell you about our babies' neat tricks!
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Thanks for the welcomes valanhb and Jeanie! Glad to hear I can talk about Tina as well

Oh and yes, I am well aware that I am reality owned by Oliver and that I am his humble slave
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Hi Ann
I just noticed your location is Sweden. My mom was born & raised there and I've been there many times visiting family. I really love it.We have family in Karlskrona. Where are you in relation to Karlskrona? It's funny writing to you now, it's probably around midnight in Sweden so you are probably sleeping while I'm still at work!
Anyway just wanted to say Hi!
or should I say Hej!
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Hej mkam!

I live in Eslöv, a small town in the Skåne landscape. If you know where Malmö is, you'll basically know where I am. Karlskrona is in another landscape (Blekinge) so I'd say it'd take a few hours by car to get there! But yes, I've been there before
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