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I'm going insane...

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They are driving me batty! 8 felines and two dogs in one house is making me crazy.

Over the weekend I fed the kittens their canned food and all of them began taking to it and stuffed themselves. (One 3oz can between five kittens and mom having a little too) Then about 20 minutes later Sammy threw up and had diarrhea. Angie got him and cleaned him up and he threw up again while she was washing him. After that she nursed him to sleep and when he woke up he was his happy little self again. Our plan was to take him to the vet the next morning if he didn’t seem better but he did. He has eaten solid food again since then and done just fine and has also had a firm poopy. I am wondering if we should still take him in or if it may have just been his little tummy acting up because it was his first solid food.

Now they are also starting to “growl†and bite at each other during their meals. sigh

Also Mr. Whisker scared the tar out of me last night. All of the kittens were wondering around playing in the living room and my fiancé was supposed to watch them while I took a shower. (he fell asleep) Well when I came out I heard a kitten making choking noises. Apparently he got a hold of a dog kibble that had fallen out of our puppy’s crate when she ate her dinner. She is a very messy eater. Anyway the kibbles are huge compared to him and he tried to swallow it whole and was choking. I started panicking and trying to rub his throat a little bit which didn’t work and his mouth was too tiny to get it out. The only thing that I could think to do was blow the kibble down his throat. Maybe not the best choice but I remembered my dad telling a story of saving a choking puppy that way a long time ago. It seemed to work but I think it traumatized the poor fella because he hissed at me right afterwards. I was worried for a while that I had hurt him but he is doing fine. Sigh

But then they go and do something totally cute and I forgive all the craziness. I found them all in my laundry basket earlier curled up in one big kitty pile sleeping away with little chubby tummy’s showing. I have a picture that I will post later on… my camera is being a stinker at the moment. sigh
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It's amazing the trouble they can get into in such a short time. LOL

I never heard of blowing something down their throat, I probably would have held them upside down and tried to get it out that way. I'll have to remember that if I ever find myself in that situation (although I hope not). That was quick thinking!

I hope you took that yucky, drool covered dog kibble and dropped it in your fiance's mouth while he snored for falling asleep on the job! LOL
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How old are they??
I cant wait until my 3 start getting into trouble
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Oh my gosh, that is SO cute. I had 11 cats last year at this time! I found that feeding in a pie plate around the edges worked well with the growling/fighting. (actually 2 pie plates for 8 kittens & mom!)
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I think I am going shopping for a baby gate to my bedroom door! yikes!!
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Sounds like fun and games Stormy!
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Sounds like you wil have your hands totally full.
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Sounds like a tiny animal zoo. I can only imagine how crazy your house must be right now.
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If its any consolation, hubby 'forgot' to put cat litter in the tray after he cleaned it and Gizmo graced the carpet with yesterday's dinner (thanks Giz), Tinkerbelle is meowing like crazy watching her 4 babies run around everywhere and unable to control them and 2 of the kittens are trying to climb up my leg as I type.
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LOL I can not wait for that.
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yesss our house is totally crazy! Our miniture army will be five weeks old tomorrow. They are totally sweet and love to cuddle as much as they love getting into trouble. Sammy is the only exception, he is just like his mom and doesnt like being held... just a quick pet and he is on his way.

I am really starting to feel bad for my sweet Harley Girl. She is a hyper one an a half year old Border Collie who has had to go back to being crate trained since the kittens have mobilized. She normally handles her "herd" of cats around our house but the kittens are too small to be trusted with a 65lb dog yet. She gives me the sad puppy eyes when I kennel her up. I can also tell that she is upset by her house being taken over by so many new animals. She normally loves her cats and will even cuddle with them but lately she has been barking when they go near her.

I love my little darlings but I will be happy to see them mature and find wonderful loving forever homes so that my five can go back to their pre-kitten lives. I feel like a terrible doggy/kitty mommy right now.
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I feel quite sane with my current number of cats (4)
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I feel quite sane with my current number of cats (4)

I feel super-sane with my single cat. lol
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Gawd I bet you do. LOL! I can't remember the last time I had less than five cats let alone one. Luckily my two intact queens are still penned right now but it's going to be havic once they're spayed I bet.
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My Cardigan Corgi didn't try to herd or disipline the kittens, everything else, yes, but not the babies - our momma cat would bring them to him to "babysit" while she moved them (for the umpteenth time ) and he would sit there and look at the kitten, look at us, repeat,watch the momma cat go back and forth and have an expression on his face like "Help- what am I supposed to do with this?"
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LOL that would of been a cute site to see.
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It was funny; even if it WAS at 3 in the morning ! What made it even funnier, was turning on the light, there sits the dog near the bedroom door, the tiny kitten in the floor in front of him, and the insane momma cat running back and forth, swapping out mouthfuls of kittens! I just couldn't be mad !

Yes, they will drive you bonkers, and then it takes a while to get used to the quiet and not having to watch the floor for zinging kittens everywhere you go!
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I know what you mean about kittens...Right now I have four of my own wreaking havoc on my poor house. Especially the one black and white adorable little evil one...She refuses to be litter trained at the moment, no matter how many times I put her in the litter box, after she eats, or just when she seems like she's about to go...She always finds her way onto my bed and goes on my blankets...It's driving me up the wall..And then I guess she can tell I'm not my normal cheery self because after I clean it up and approch her (even just to pet her) she goes into a "hissing" fit. Everytime I sit down anywhere, even for a second I have anywhere from 2 to 6 cats on my lap demanding my affection or just a comfy spot to curl up and sleep...Because of course my 7 month old adolescant and the mommy can't be left out of the fun can they?? Really I don't know who's worse..The kittens or their mom in this respect...But I am gonna be so sad to see them all go...The house is gonna seem empty with just my two in it...I want them to stay to young to adopt out forever
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how cute this all this
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