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UTI Treatment

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I took a sample of my cat, Frodo's urine into my vet to see if he has a UTI because he refuses to use the litter box. He'll pee in tubs or poop on the floor.

The sample came back fine....no UTI, but I don't believe it.

Everything I read about UTI's in cats, say he has one. He has all the symptoms. I think my vet is wrong.

Has anyone had a cat with a UTI problem?

I think I will get a second opinion from another vet.

What was the treatment?

Is it expensive?
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If it a UTI the treatment will consist of a course of antibiotics.
I agree that you need another opinion.

But litterbox aversion can be caused by a number of things- wrong type of litter, dirty stinky box, covered box makes him claustrophobic, box in inappropriate or too busy an area, other cat guards box, etc.

I might be tempted to set up another different type of box in a very quiet area with a different type of litter- just in case it is something simple.
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