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Good morning

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Hi everyone i hope that you all had eventful evenings last night. I told Wispa and Crunchie about you all last night .... They purr appreciatively for all the useful info that i get from here

Thanks to you all
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Morning Emma Hows things?? I'm just sat here at work waiting to go home....(its only 10;30am!! noooo!!) and Im hungry...... grrr....mayb a visit to the vending machine is in order.....

PS - Glad your kitties approved of us all..... very important that....I have to be supervised by my kitties when Im on the computer at home.... you know, just incase I endanger myself somehow :LOL:
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I wanna go home too... started at 8:30am can't go 'till 6pm.. Bloody starvin'. We don't have a vending machine. A trip over the road to the shop for chocolate, not only do i get chocolate but i also get out of the office for 5 mins!!!:tounge2:
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Hey thats not fair - you can't have five mins off if I can't!! Get back to your desk!! :LOL:
Only two hours till lunch... only two hours till lunch.....Only two hours till lunch....... (Im meditating ok!??!?! hahaha)
So whats the weather down there like?? Its kinda dull and grey here.... you know, real cheerful :laughing2
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I'm back and i bought 2 packets of snack'a'jacks, 1 packet of niknaks, 1 packet of mints, oh and 1 packet of nestle white chocolate munchies... that should do me till lunch

Weather here si crap overcast but swelteringly muggy in this office

What do you do in your office?
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Ooooo white chocolate munchies!!! Gimme!!! Thats it... Im going to the machine......

Well, in my office, I ..... umm.... well, I eh, lets face it, I just hang around this site all day ... Im a Receptionist you see, so if the phones aren't busy (which they're not today) and my boss doesn't give me any typing (which he hasn't done today) I really don't have anything to do...... except watch the clock of course....

Is it Friday yet?? :laughing:
What about you?? What do you do?? (its gotta be more exciting than my job... :LOL: )
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I work for a japanese car import company. Sounds good huh? Well the truth is that i work if people give me stuff to do, i back up the sales guys... But i generally spend all day in front of this thing just cruising the web (usually to get as much moggie info as i can...

I work for the same company as my fella so every now and then he wanders through the office and winds me up...

Makes it easier tho :0
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Ahh I see, so we both have extremely taxing jobs which keep us busy non stop throughout the day right??? I thought so.... :laughing:
It'd be nice to work with my hubby.... but he's a self employed Plumbing/heating Engineer/Kitchen Fitter!! .... I keep telling him I'd be a good plumber, but he doesn't seem to agree... don't know why... I think I look pretty good in his overalls!! :LOL:
Well, I've just scoffed a packet of Rolo's and now I feel sick.... ah well, it was worth it

At least I have a good book to read too.....

Oh by the way, if you need to alleviate your boredom.... theres a good games site called "" - it has tons of games on there - I like the multiplayer ones....
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You mean we can play together...
"skipety skipety skip"

Tell me how?

Oh and the best site ever is
They have virtual bubble's for emergencys only, but if you really are soooo bored then you can pop bubble wrap on the internet until you realise how bored you really are
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Oh dear!!! I know that site already!! I've even popped the bubble wrap!!! :LOL:

If you go to that site, the front page comes up with "Classic games" Shooting games" etc etc in brown boxes right?? Well if you scroll down a bit lower, in a much smaller box it says Multiplayer games, click on that, then choose the game you want to play - they have Reversi, Chess, Checkers, Hearts etc etc etc....
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All right, ladies, back to work! Any Brit who doesn't know that Cadbury's Caramello is the best chocolate bar doesn't deserve that five minute break. Of course, I wish I had a Rollo right now! Can you still buy Cadbury's biscuits? My Uncle Alec used to send them from Glasgow.
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Do you mean the biscuits that are covered in Cadbury's chocolate?? If you do, yeees you can still buy them..... and eat them.... and eat them.... and eat them.....
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Body - don't do that!!! Now I crave some and can't get my hands on any - NOT FAIR
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Oooo Im sorry!! I'll put half of the one Im eating aside in honour of you Helen.... :LOL: (sorry that was just plain mean.... Im not eating any.... honest )
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Oh, Rhea!! My mouth is watering. They're like gigantic KitKat bars! Oh, be a friend! Send me a case or two. I haven't had one for years. Oh, yum, yum, yum, yum yu.......
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Hey you never know Jeanie.... you may get more than you can eat!!! Hee hee hee....(I could pay for the book in them?? )
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I am pretty sure that they sell them in Toronto at John Baird's which is Scottish.
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There has to be a site where I can order them, huh? Then I can sit here and eat them and write to you and tell you how scrumptious they are! Oh, there is a heaven!!
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Rhea, don't you dare!! I could get them cheaper on line. My Scottish half will not permit waste. Ca canny wi the pence!!! Besides, a gift is a gift! I'd be so mad!
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Sheesh... ok Jeanie... I'll be good.... I promise.....(great, now I'll have to find another way of getting them to you!!... maybe I'll disguise them as Anthrax?!?! :laughing2 )
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Adymarie and Rhea, I went through straight to Cadbury's biscuits. Isn't technology wonderful? They're a special treat!
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