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I'm worst Meowmy Ever!!!

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I have got to be the worst meowmy ever! After looking or old photos of Kitters due to Susan's thread I have just realized that Kitters is not 4 years old.....

She's 5, almost 6!!!! I'm so bad! I found pictures that go back to January 2001 and we got her late October the year before when she was about 8 weeks old-ish so I say she was born in September. When I took her to the vet for her spay I said she was 4 to them! Then in September when it was her birthday I said she turned 4!!!! I am such a horrible horrible mommy!!!

So I would like to right this now with new picks of Kitters, starting with her oldest!!!

Kitters first photo shoot January 2001

Here she is in July 2001 in the HOT HOT summer heat. Look how tiny she was!!!

Here she is later July 2001 in her awkard teenage stage growing into her ears! Such a silly little booger!!

December 2001
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February 2003

July 2004

November 2004

March 2005 her last heat cycle

July 2005 Right after her spay.
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November 2005

And today April 2006

Again today April 2006 she has fattened up a little since the spay, she's about 6 1/2 lbs. now!

And today April 2006 again

It's wierd how thoughout it all she goes from looking older to younger to older again!!!
So that is my 5 1/2 year old baby!!! Who has the worst mommy!

I love her though!

Silly Jilly
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Aw, you aren't the worst Meowmy ever! It's easy to loose track of how long they've been with us. Sometimes it seems like they've been in our lives forever, and others like it was just a week ago that they came into our hearts and homes. Just tell her that she looks too young to be almost 6 years old!
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Aww no your not a bad mum, like Heidi said it's easy to lose track of time.

Kitters is a little sweetheart and my favourite is that one of her lying in the stool
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Jill, you're definitely not a bad meowmy! As Heidi and Susan said, it's so easy to lose track of time!

Miss Kitters certaily doesn't look her age, so I wouldn't worry! ....and neither should she!

I love the timeline pictures too!
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Awww!, are so cute!
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There's pretty Kitters Yes, with all those obvious signs of abuse in those pictures of Kitters, you are the worst Meowmy ever!!!

When someone would ask me how old Molly was, I would always have to do the math in my head, I didn't know of the top of my head.
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Of course your not! A lady never tells her true age anyway.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Of course your not! A lady never tells her true age anyway.
Now how true is that?!?! hehehehe
And come on.... give me a break!! YOU... a BAD MEOWMY??? I don't think so!!
You are ONE OF US.... you know.... CRAZY CAT PEOPLE.... we could never be bad meowmys or daddys...atleast not on purpose....
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Ohhh and I almost forgot... this is a message from LILO ----> Kitters darling...
I only hope I look as good as you do when I am 5 and 1/2 Though I am still one "Hot mama" now.... who knows what time will do to me in another 2 and a 1/2 years!!!

Signed LILO
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Ahhh she's beautiful, you are not not the worst meowmy you have just loved her so much you lost track of time, and time has a way of just flying
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You're not a bad meowny, Kitters is adorable, especially in her shirt!
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Awe you guys are all so nice, I felt so terrible yesterday when I actually realized it!! I do love her so much that time really has flown by so fast. She has been such a joy to me and I wish her to be healthy and happy with us for many many many more years. I just hope the following years don't go so fast!!!

Silly Jilly

Lilo- you are a hot mama now and always will be. Us blue kittys just age well, I keep tellin' momma that but her doesn't believe me!

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in case you haven't already noticed - i am currently your only 'yes' vote! i only voted that way to make myself feel like a better meowmy than you, tho!
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Hey, time flies when you're sharing it with someone you love.
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Originally Posted by Emma's Friend
Hey, time flies when you're sharing it with someone you love.

That is surly does. I love her so much that it does just seem like last week we brought her home. Everyday I am constantly telling DH "Awe, look at that! Isn't that cute? Isn't she so cute when she does that?" I swear he has to think I'm crazy to still think everything she does it cute, but then he says it too!! Last night she was sleeping on his legs and the way she was laying she looked like a little grey rabbit sleeping there. And her little paws were twitching while she was sleeping like she was trying to catch something in her dreams! It WAS adorable!

I'm such a sucker for a pretty fuzzy face!
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