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Funny pic

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Here is a pic I tried to get it in caption this but it's been almost 2 weeks ans no pic .So i'll put it here. we were playing dress up with missy she is so mild I could put anything on her she just sits there lol.Let me know what you guys think.
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it is smal I can not tell...
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I am trying to get it up
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I put it in the sig and it shows up in preview but not in post
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o ok I will look forward to it
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haha got it!
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LOL I love it. That was so cute
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Thats adorable!! She looks so professional
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Ha ha. That looks so funny. What a lovely nature she must have to let you do that.
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she neede a breck from the babies so I gave her a good mag and my reading glasses so she could see
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Awwww, bless her!
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What a neat picture, she is adorable!
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