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i was cleaning and my candle on the table was lit i wasnt paying attention my kitten was sniffing it and burnt its wisker like hairs above her eyes will she be ok?
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OMG is there redness... I think I would call the vet. Sorry I might over reat but I would go to ER. Sorry I think if I worry about her being burned or something I would go...
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I dunno... if all she's done is singed her whiskers, and the fur closer to her skin is fine, I don't think she's hurt (except possibly for her pride). If there's singed fur, though, and not just whiskers, at least call the vet.
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See told you I would over react
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her wisker like hair is only like singed she didnt cry or anything so maybe she learned a lesson is her hairs like nerves?
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I agree if the fur isn't singed you should be ok... but keep an eye on her skin and her breathing just in case and if ANYTHING looks out of sorts, hit the vet.... I think maybe you both learned a lesson (I'm in no way trying to be mean here!!) - PLEASE dont have hazzardous things like lit candles in places your kitty can access... one thing that can make candles at least a little more safe is one of those candle warmers: it's basically a little hot plate that you plug in and put the un-lit candle on... the wax still melts so there is the danger of hot wax and you'll still wanna keep it out of the way, but there's no fire... I keep mine on the kitchen counter because not only is Oliver not allowed up there, but my apartment kitchen is so small, he cant get enough oompf to get up the one time he tried, haha....
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i relocated it to the top shelf on my desk
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Please don't underestimate what a kitten can do or where they can get into.

Having lit candles around with a kitten that young is very dangerous, and that's not a good idea. Your home needs to be kittenproof for a while.

Please don't burn the candles for a while until she's older. You're lucky she didn't really get hurt this time.
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I have candles all over my house and I've never had a kitty investigate, but mx ex-sister-in-law's cat would sometimes stick his tail right in the flame! he never got burned, but she eventually had to stop lighting candles cats do the darndest things (see my post about electrical cords )
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That is a dare devil
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