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Well that just bites!

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My good buddy who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is a survivor by the way called me today. Her husband of 4 years has decided that he would rather have a "healthy whole" woman than one who is "half there" and has filed for divorce! I told her he is so lucky that I live in another state, because I would dearly love to punch his lights out! What a 100% Creep!
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Although this is a terrible time and way to find out, she needs to count her blessings and be glad that she's found out he's a jerk after only investing FOUR years, instead of FORTY!

I'd rather be alone and sick than be healthy with an insincere b******.
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Oh man, what a jerk, what a JERK!!! As if it's not hard enough for her already, now this....
Thank godness I have a man I can trust 100% always, no matter what!
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Yuk!!!!!!!!!!! That's awfull! Unfortunately, that's not the first time I have heard such stories! The guy is a jerk! I am sure your friend will find someone that will really love her. I hope she will try to get every cent out of him!

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OMG what a complete B******. I can't believe people can BE this shallow and cruel. I really hope he gets this treatment from someone he loves dearly in the near future. My heart goes out to your friend Hissy, she can do SOOOOOO much better than that complete loser....
(Gee's I don't even know the man and I want to hit him!!!)
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That's so cruel! I feel so sorry for your friend, I hope she will find true love from someone who can see past outer appearances soon.
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That just p*&%es me off!!! My mother went through breast cancer, and my father was there for her through the very worst of times until the moment she passed away. But then again, he loved her for who she was, not just for her body. It was very hard for him to get through all of it, very painful to see the misery she was in, but he has even said now that he doesn't regret one moment of it. He doesn't ever want to do it again, but for the right woman he would. Maybe he's just a different breed than that a$#hole.

I have seen this type of thing go both ways, though. A man I worked with was more than willing to stick it out with his lady friend (they had been together for years, but didn't want to actually get married). She ended up leaving him because of her cancer.
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Did he actually say that to her????????? What a sick, sick, selfish, sonofabi**.

She's better off alone than with a person like that! Geez!
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Rivers run deep; gutters are very shallow!
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.....an that runs arounds calling himself a human being.....you are for sure better off knowing now! Just remember what comes around goes around - he'll get his - don't you worry !!!

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Line me up for a punch on the husband punching bag. There is a reason the vows say in sickness and in health!
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What a JERK! I can't believe a man would walk out on a woman just b/c she has breast cancer and he wants a "whole" woman. He obviously didn't take his vows seriously if is going to leave for something like this when she needs him the most.
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What a jerk! Karma will have something horrible in store for him. This will leave her free to find someone wonderful. At least she has one good friend that cares about her, and many good thoughts and prayers from all of us.
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As if women are just their body parts. She is better off without him, and he will get his in the end. It's still horrible that she has to deal with cancer and a loser of a husband. With luck, she'll find someone worthwhile.
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There's more, to a woman, than a couple of pounds of fatty and glandular tissue (realistically, that's all that breasts are). Any man, who would dump a woman, because she lost one, is, obviously, a case of arrested development. Would she have left HIM, if he had lost a testicle? Good luck, to your friend.((()))
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I'm glad to see that everyone else seems to be as pissed off as I am about the actions of this sorry excuse of a human being. Your friend is clearly better off without him. In a way, this can be seen as a positive development: Better for her to be free of him now. I realize, however, that she must be going through an insecure period in her life. I'm relieved to know that she has a good supportive friend.
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Hissy, I feel so bad for your friend, she is going through enough without having to go through this. This man is a horrible person to do this, and he will have to answer to God for his actions some day. My prayers are going out to your friend.
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Maybe we could find someone to put a boot in his backside. He seriously needs one! I went back and read the post again and it made me every bit as angry the second time. Many good thoughts to your friend in her time of need.
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