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black speck on belly

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My cat Bunches is almost 11 years old, overweight, diabetic and cranky. This afternoon i noticed that she had a dark spot on her stomach. Upon closer inpection, she has black specks around her many of her nipples. She is an indoor cat and we do not have another cats. A number of years ago she had fleas, but she does not have any other symptoms of fleas and since she sleeps in my bed, neither do I. So I do not think that she has fleas. Because she does not like to be flipped on her back and her stomach touched, it is hard to know if rubbing these spots hurt her.

I plan on calling the Vet tomorrow morning, but since it is Sunday afternoon and i am worried, i am hoping that someone might have an idea of what these specks are.

Thanks in advance
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I have never seen that. Might have to wait for a vet sorry...
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The black specks certainly are not an emergency but if it were me...
I would definably have my vet take a look.
How long has it been since your kitty has had a complete physical check-up including a senior blood panel?
This may be you opportunity to do so if it has been over a year.
Let us know what you find out.
PS..Welcome to TCS, you have come to the right place for support and friendship.
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Welcome and please do let us know what the vet said. Doesn't sound like an emergency, but senior cats do need that extra medical attention sometime.
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