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Rough Paw Pads

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Oliver's a stray turned indoor-only kitty... I've had him for about a year and a half now and he's been inside the whole time (except for the occasional walk in the grass at my parents')... every once in awhile, his paw pads get a little rough - definitely nothing serious: no open sores or bumps or redness or anything, more like just a little chapped... I was just wondering if there's anything safe to apply on them occasionally to soften them up some... something that he either won't lick off (yeah right, haha) or is ok if he does lick some off (I know there are balms and such for working and sled dogs, but I've never really come across something for cats: pet-specific or everyday drug store)... I'm sure this is probably more for me than for him, lol, I know paw pads are meant to take somewhat of a beating and he doesnt show one ounce of caring about it, haha but I always want my boy to look his best
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Hee, hee. This is actually the prob that led me to this site. You can try bag balm, which was orginally created for cow udders. It comes in a green tin, and is usually available in the HBA section of drug stores or discount stores.
Just today I saw another product at the small pet store next to my vet that is supposed to help, and it was for cats and dogs. Sometimes you can find products for cats and dogs in the dog section at petsmart too.
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I was going to suggest that also. A good paw message
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Bag Balm.

or vaseline works too, but I like bag balm best. look it up on the internet, i am not sure which stores sell it.
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Thanks so much... I've heard of and seen it and know it's one thing used on working/sled dogs but I know how the whole "dogs only" thing can be and wanted to make sure first... I'll have to pick some up and start some paw massages with the Ollie-bean (he's good about paw touching... I clip and cap his nails)... thanks y'all
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I saw it here at Wal-Mart......
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I went once and couldn't find it, bought udder cream instead, which I'm not sure is okay- used it like once, problem went away, and now I see the bag balm there all the time.... Walmart drives me crazy b/c they sometimes don't have the stupidest things.
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lol yep and I drive an hour to find out they do not have it now or after that i go the following week when I do not need it and it is there...
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Cow udder cream doens't seem to be the same thing as bag balm. It's got a lot more stuff in it, and I think it's really made for humans, just marketed as a take-off on bag balm. It's more like a lotion than a salve.

Bag balm is pretty much vaseline with lanolin in it so it's not loaded with a lot of yucky chemicals and perfumes.

If you don't see it, ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy. Many times for some reason they keep it behind the pharmaceutical counter. Why I don't know, but they do.

Another interesting use for bag balm, it's great for human skin too. Wet your face with warm water, and put some on your face before you go to sleep. (Put a towel or old yucky pillowcase on your pillow because it's greasy).

When you wash it off in the morning, your skin will be super-soft. I found that out from a documentary I once watched about mature women who looked extraordinarily young. This was where I first found out about bag balm.

This woman was 70 something and looked like she could have been in her 40's. The person who told her about doing this was her husband, who was a dermatologist.

It really works great, and will do the same if you have cracked heels, etc. Put some on, put on a sock (or gloves if you have very rough hands) and sleep with it on overnight.

I find it works great!
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