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cat colds

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hi all, im sam,

im here about my cat, she is 14 years old and is called tuppence, a few weeks ago she started this kind of wheezing and snoring, and when she washes herself it sounds like she has water in her mouth. and her breathing sounds like she has water in her lungs, i know it sounds strange but i cant think of another way to explain it, i took her to the vet a month ago and he ruled out cat flu but said she is wheezy and may have a cold, she was given antibiotics for 2 weeks but she is still the same, today i noticed she has a red eye that is watery, she is very well in herself, eats every meal and still plays, she doesnt drink any more than usual and seems happy, she is always purring but even her purring sounds funny and her meow sounds different now too, like she has a sore throat and losing her voice. i know she is getting old now and i lost her sister when she was 9 years old to an underactive thyroid and liver failure. i am worried that she may have a serious disease as she is not vaccinated, the reason for this is i only moved into a house 6 months ago and used to live in a high rise and so she never went outside. i also have 3 other cats that all seem heathy and happy, i would like to hear any advise from anyone that has had a cat like this,

thanks sam

ps, she is booked in to see the vet next week.
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My first thought was upper respiratory. But if your other cats aren't sick that seems unlikely. Is only one eye watering? Could she have hit it somehow, or does it seem to be part of the cold symptoms? How is her nose-- runny?

A vet visit sounds like a good idea.
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