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Domestic Goddess, I ain't

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ok - I have to confess at my late age, I did not know how to properly fold a fitted sheet. It is amazing how long one can go without knowing. I always just kept the sheets in the laundry basket and then washed them before I needed a clean set. The clean set then went on the bed. Voila - no folding.

But we decided to get a bigger bed so I'm laundering all of the queen-size sets to donate and that meant.... yes, folding them. So I went on the internet (great one of wisdom) to find how to fold them silly things. Found several sites which helped. But my favorite had a little helper I thought others would find cute:
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Cripes - she makes it looks so easy! Especially with a kitty on the bed. Mine are much more "paws on" helpers with folding sheets.
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I always just pretended that they weren't fitted and folded them like flat sheets. Then I ignored how crazily bumpy and er, not really folded they are.
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I just shove em in the linen closet lol
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I also just wash em and throw em back on....wait....ok actually DH does....same difference!

That did make it look awful easy though!
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
I just shove em in the linen closet lol
This is what I do and let me tell you I have passed the tradition on to my 3 boys
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This has always been a mystery to me, as well. Great instructions!
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Who folds sheets? Not me, I have one sheet and I just wash it every week...heehee
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I can't do it either!
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I don't fold anything!
It all stays in the laundry basket, then when used, it goes into the hamper lol, I'm lazy and so is he
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I don't feel so bad now knowing that I'm not the only one when I was just wadding them up and stuffing them in the closet.

Thanks you guys.
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Yeah mine usually go down the chute, the next set goes on, and the dirty ones stay on the pile in the basement until it's time to put clean ones on, then I wash them and put them on, and the old ones go down the chute, and so on....
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Did you read the comments below the first pic? Just hilarious!

This is one of the few skills I have...I just tuck all the corners inside each other so it isn't too lumpy.

I used to have one set of sheets, and just wash and replace, but I find it hard to commit to getting the sheets washed, dryed, and replaced in one day I have a spare set to trade out. Meaning I really "need" to fold.

But rolling or shoving in the linen closet is good too...I just don't have too much extra space, and don't like the sheets rolling back out everytime I grab a towel...or Gar decides to take a nap in the closet!
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LOL I like this method now to get the person to wash them
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I am not big on folding them. I don't care how they look in the closet as long as they are clean.
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Cute tutorial. I don't fold a fitted sheet anything fancy like that though.
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I've come to the conclusion that that's not a real cat. Mine is a pain in the butt when I'm changing sheets.
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lol i was thinking the same thing. SKittles and baby would go nutz with playing.
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