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So uh.. bitter apple.

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I got it on my hands and touched my mouth and now i can't get it off, even with soap.

PLEASE tell me someone else has done this.

this stuff WORKS man... I definitely don't want to lick my lips.
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I can't remember what you are supposed to use if you have the scent of onions or fish on your hands-is it lemon juice or vinegar??? Is bitter apple an oil cause you would need something that cuts the oil. From what I read its quite poisonous perhaps calling a doctor??
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Bitter Apple is not poisonous, just tastes bad. It is used to keep animals from chewing on things they are not supposed to chew.
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You should get some of that orange cleaner that has orange zest in it..It cleans anything!! Its what mechanics use to wash their greasy hands.
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Ughh, I know what that's like. I used the spray "Nature's Miracle" to keep the cats off things, but I always ended up with a mouthful myself! :tongue:
How about doing a rinse with vinegar? Or wiping the area with some facial toner on a cotton ball?
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how about trying dish washing detergent? if its oil based it might break it up.
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Oh yuck......sure hope you find something to get it off!
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thanks for all the help!

I tried dishwashing detergent which got it off of my hands and mostly off of my lips... I think I'm just going ot have to wait it out.

at least I know for sure that this was a worthy buy. Henri now has absolutely no interested in the computer cable, and i have no interest in eating anything for a little while
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Good to hear it works at least!
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in your mouth. Did you try mouth wash.
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Hmm, maybe I should try putting bitter apple on my fingers so I don't bite them..Interesting idea!!
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lol maybe my son needs it to kep from chewing his fingers. That is a idea if it is safe. But he has been doing great.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
lol maybe my son needs it to kep from chewing his fingers. That is a idea if it is safe. But he has been doing great.

I haven't been doing very good...It must be a nervous habit..and I just can't kick it..I will see if Bitter apple is safe for humans to ingest
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lol my son is going to be mom am not a cat lol or dog
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this stuff would WORK on him.
I think its finally gone now and its about 12 hours later.

but then I wasn't licking my lips or anything i I could help it!

ugh, that was disgusting. I almost feel bad that Henri has to taste it too.

Thanks for the support everyone!
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I was going to try it but I was afraid he would cry all 12 hours
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