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How many shoes do you have??

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My boyfriend gets so annoyed because he says I have too many pairs of shoes..I have maybe 20 pairs altogether including sandals, sneakers and dress shoes for work...

Do you ladies have alot of shoes too?

And if any men are reading this..do your girlfriends or wives have alot of shoes?

I told my boyfriend that I'm sure most women have lots of shoes if not more than me...Is it true?
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I actually have 30, but i am selling 20 of them
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I'd prefer not to say!

I know I have well over 30 pairs!
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I have about 10 pairs, unless you count my dance shoes... 12.
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I'm scared to go and count them! I just bought another two pair at the weekend as well.
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3 if ya count the ones I'm getting in a few weeks
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I just bought 2 off ebay! and i just bought another pair last week, i might get another pair tomorrow though i have to watch mah money!
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If you want to count everything like flip flops, my winter snow boots, my outdoors gardening shoes and boots plus the others its got to be at least 60 pairs total!!!
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2 different pairs of high heeled flip flops for dress casual warm weather.
1 pair of neutral Clarks flat sandals.
1 pair of Nike sport sandals.
1 pair of Reebok midtops.
1 pair of Nike running shoes
1 pair of Z-coils orthopedic shoes
1 pair of Sketcher's boots.

8 pair total.
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I just bought 8 pairs this past month... so i dread to think!
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I'd say that I have about 12 pair max, but I routinely wear about 4 pair.
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I have about 10 pairs, only about 5 of which I wear, and I just bought 3 new pairs of flip flops today!
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You're all a bunch of pikers I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 pairs, not counting slippers and flipflops. At least 20 of those pairs are boots, in various heights/styles.
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I'm gonna guess somewhere around 15-20. Most probably need to be thrown out or given away but you just never know! I love shoes but I hardly buy them anymore. I think that may be why I'm afraid to get rid of them too! DH does complain, I just remind him of the box of old running shoes his mother still has at her house!
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I am a good girl I have maybe 4 or 5 pairs
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Do I have to go count?? LOL I am going to say....I have one good pair of dress shoes, like 2-3 tennis shoes(which I really dont wear in the summer) and geesh, tons of sandals/flip flops! I really need to clean out my closet,hehe.
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I generally just have a few, each with it's own purpose...a pair of sandals for warm weather, two pair of casual dress shoes, one in black, the other in khaki, and a pair of tennis shoes for work and exercise.
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I probably only have about 10 pairs of shoes (i am not a big shoe fanatic, if I find a pair I really like I will usually wear them till I need to buy a new pair)

....now if you asked how many pair of earrings, or how much clothes I have the number would be in the hundreds lol
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Wow! A lot! I have atleast 10 pairs of flip flops, 5 pair of heels that I wear regular, 5 pairs of tennis shoes, and my big bunny house shoes!! So 21 pairs.
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Okay good, now I can report back to the hubby to let him know its normal to have more than 2 pairs of shoes!!

Thank you ladies!!
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Yeah, tell BF be glad he isn't with Imelda - er - katl8e!
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at last count i think it was somehwhere around 80 pairs but thats not too bad lol cheyenne (remember shes only nine) has 30 pairs (yeah i know i started her young lol)
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I'm not gonna let my spouse know about this thread. I have lead him to believe that well over 150 isn't that rare. He has askef whya woman need 30 pairs of black shoes and I just roll my eyes like he doesn't understand the universe of women. Next thread will be how many handbags? I am a mini coach addict.. but i have expanded into hobo and fossil.
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I only have 3 pairs.
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too many!!!!
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I have 32 pairs.......My Fiance loves movies....ao we made a deal....he buys a movie, and I get a pair of shoes.....

lol...sounded fair to me....lol!!!
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I have loads! Most are trainers and flipflops!

I love shoes and things, but I have to admit that I can't wear many of the heeled ones that I used to wear - but I can't bear to get rid of them!
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Back when I was younger I had tons of shoes, but really I only wear 2 pairs of them now. I think I have about 5 pairs though. =]
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oh man, lol i love shoes...especially cute sandles...i've lost count on how many shoes and heels i have. i kinda have to watch what i wear though...had some foot surgery 2 years ago...blame it all on ballet...so i make sure i'm comfy most of the time....house shoes are my fav!
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I think I have 10...let's see:
1 pr of sneakers
1 pr of black ok-to-wear-to-work shoes
1 pr of brown ok-to-wear-to-work shoes
2 pr of heeled summer dress heels
1 pr of sandals
1 pr of high heeled boots
1 pr of flip flops
=8 prs of shoes! The sad thing is that I think B has more shoes then I do.
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