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It is 3 years today since Tigger went to the bridge, she was my second cat, and the only cat under 10 that I have ever adopted. I thought she would be the cat that stayed with me for years while oldies came and went, but sadly 8 months later she went to the bridge. The only puzzling thing is that the vet thought she had FIP (although nothing was sent to Glasgow) yet she was 5, which isnt' the right age group. But, whatever it was, she went downhill very quickly, and I knew I didn't have a choice. RIP sweetheart.
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Ahhh sweet Tigger...
Your Mommy misses you so much little darling.
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Tigger, you beautiful little girl, we continue to honor your precious life on this very sacred day.
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She wasn't very sweet, I looked like I was into self harming the full 8 months I had her - had to wear long sleeves in August due to the amount of scratches I had!! I did come to terms with the loss of her a long time ago though, this was done more as a tribute.
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Awww Tigger you gorgeous girl, even though you shredded your mums arms

I'm sure your a sweet little girl over the bridge now
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I always feel so deeply for people that adopt animals & they don't live long after that. R.I.P. Tigger, run & play over the bridge.
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Rest in peace, beloved Tigger. Sounds like you were quite the Tiger here on earth...someday you will be reunited with your Meowmie, and you will understand how much she loves you!

Condolences on the loss of your kitty.
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Everyone misses you Tigger..I hope your having fun over there
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what a beautiful tribute

play happily darlin
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