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What kind of cats do I have?

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Hello again…

For those of you who have seen my cat pictures, I have a dumb question. What breed do you think my 4 boys are? I'm asking because I am filling out paperwork for a new Vet and that was one of the questions on their form…

My first inclination was to refer to their breed as "Spoiled Rotten Floridian Short hair Boys" or "Short hair Garbage Can Kitties" or "Blend of Short hair Strays I Saved" ...that sounds too much like coffee.....

For those who have no idea what they look like…
here's a general idea:


Maybe I'm making it more complicated than it needs to be... how about "Short hair"... There… that was simple, huh?

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Your cats are cute!
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There's nothing wrong with the title Domestic shorthair. They're just as fun beautiful and lovable as any purebred(not that' I'm downing purebreds) and it's fun to make up their breed.

Besides your babies are special to you no matter what they are. And they are very handsome.... I like Gogo he's so cute!!
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They are all cute!!
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I passed the compliments on to my boys...their reaction? I had to help them get their "Big Heads" through the threshhold of my bedroom door. These cats know how to "Work a room."

Once they hear me talking "baby talk" they barrell in like a herd of "meowing" buffalo, swirling around my feet, shoving each other to get a hug and a kiss. (BTW: I'm not the only one who "Baby Talks" to my cats, right? You guys do it, too? Right? LOL! This is normal, right? LOL!! )

OK! domestic short hair ...that sound official to me. Thanks Badhabit & Vikki for the correct description. I should write down DSH-Darling Short Hair.

You guys are great!
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Don't worry, I baby talk to Ivo, too. My neighbor must think I'm nuts (the other neighbor is Ivo's "uncle"). When I come home in the evening, I stand outside the door and talk to Ivo before I come in, saying things like "How's Mommy's baby? Did schnookums miss me?" I'd just die of embarassment if the non-uncle neighbor walked in while I was doing that!
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Baby talk - how does this sounds to you:

Where is my baby boy.
Honey where are you.
Come to momie
Look Grandma is here.
Ohh, your are such a sweet pea
Eastsy time

....and you should here the inflections.


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Your kitties look very handsome. I love the picture of GoGo...he looks like he's enjoying the party.
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The pics of your kitties are great. Very adorable.
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Gorgeous kitties Kim! Of course, no kitty can get too many compliments because they already know they rule the world.

DSH or DLH is probably the official way to describe them. I call mine mutt-cats, but not to their faces!

Oh, and you are definitely not alone in baby-talking your babies! Mine talk back, too. Maybe no one else can hear them or understand, but they do!
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Oh, I think we should give them a name in accordance with their dignified and handsome appearance.
You could give them registered sounding names, like Kim's Black on White, or list them as Domicilary Felines, formerly of Metropolitan Origins ---or Mommy's spoiled rotten babies!
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They are so cute! GoGo looks like my Leo, even to the white markings on the chin. Is GoGo a big boy? Leo is about 20 lbs. Depending on how they are acting at the moment they are either my little angels or rotten little hairballs.
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Oh Yeah! GoGo's a Biggin' check this out:


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It seems that GoGo was from the same litter as my orange, Whisky!! He's got the same girth as GoGo and when he sits, it looks like a big pear!! He is 9 and weighs in at about 20 and my recent addition, Oliver (another orange) is 3 and normal? size. When I buy a house, I might very well be looking at another cat! (probably another orange!)

"Shorthair Garbage Can Kitties".... I like that one!!!

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All your cats are precious!!
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