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Dead kitty - my fault?

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There are a few cats that hang around my apartment complex. We lept hearing squeaking for a couple days and after seeing a dead newborn, we decided to find the one still squeaking and bring it in. We found a very weak kitten with its umbilical still attatched. My girlfriend and I brought it in, nursed it with the proper formula, cuddled it all that. Last night, around 4am I turned the heater off for the kitten because I couldnt sleep it was too hot. We had kept it around 80 degrees in the room for the kitten but when i turned the heater off I imagine it probably dropped to around 65. (i wasnt really thinking too well, it was 4am and I couldnt sleep). Anyways, its 1pm now and the kitten is dead. Could a 20 degree drop kill a kitten? I mean, this thing was in the cold basement for 2 days before we even picked it up.
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You did the best you could and you have a heart of gold to try and save the kitty!

I felt the same way (still feel in a way) when one of ours died at 3 days old. Was the room too cold? Why didn't I notice it earlier? I should have done this, I should have done that...!

Your kitten was just too sick and didn't have a chance even at birth. It sounds like the mother abandoned it immediately, the cord still attached and all, and he just didn't have a chance. I've heard that the most risky time is the 1st three or 4 days of life, even under the best of circumstances.

Don't be discouraged! You did a very thoughtful and good thing.
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i just feel bad about it u know. i think I have to get another kitten now. Preferably a healthy one. Hey life goes on.
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i think you should be proud of yourself for caring. a lot of people wouldn't have tried. At least the kitty died in a nice warm room instead of a cold dark basement. It doesn't sound like he would have survived with such a bad start in life anyway so perhaps it better that it happened now rather than have him struggle on for a few more days or weeks.
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Small kittens need to be kept very warm- next time you find one take a look at this website in order to help keep it alive www.kitten-rescue.com
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ill remember that next time
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Possibly the lower temperature did hasten the kitten's death; but I think it would have been inevitable anyhow... a kitten abandoned for two days, with its umbilical cord still attached, was lucky to have survived that long...

It was probably a merciful thing that it happened like this... hypothermia is generally a very gentle death for a kitten, probably better than the dehydration and infections and whatnot that would have taken it during the next few days.

In its last few hours, the kitten knew it was loved... I think that was the most you could have done.
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Do not beat yourself up over this. The baby was already weak and abandond...You did the best you could. God had other plans for her.
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