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gas in kitten

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We have a new kitten almost 5 months old. I have been feeding him kitten chow since we have gotten him 3 weeks ago. He was given kitten chow from the beginning. Lately he seems to have a lot of gas. I asked the vet when I took him for check up (he came from the humane society). He said that is normal. Friday night i gave him a Pounce treat, and he had wet fart. Now today sunday same thing happened. A little pooh comes out when he passes gas. The vet also gave him a clean bill of health. Before i check with the vet I wanted to know if anyone has had a simular problem with their kitten.

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Poor quality food can cause gas. Though Kitten Chow and Pounce treats are commonly fed, unfortunately, they aren't high quality foods.

Dry food contains a lot of carbs, something that cats don't need and oftentimes can't digest very well. The high percentage of carbs may not be agreeing with your kitten.

Try better foods - in addition to lots of carbs there are ingredients in low quality foods you want to avoid such as by-products, artificial flavors and artificial colors. Start reading labels. You want the first three ingredients to be meat (though beef can be hard for some cats to digest) poultry, or fish. I would also advise putting your kitten on canned food. It is closer to what a cat would eat naturally in the wild, and is healthier because of the water content. Dry food makes the kidneys work hard.

Some good brands are Petguard, Innova, Wellness... there are many others. If you do a search about high-quality canned food, you'll find tons of info.

So glad you adopted this little one from the Humane Society. Best of luck with your new baby!
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Kitten Chow did this to my moms cat so that would be my first clue.
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I had same problem with my kitty, switched to Life's Abundance...gas went away. I just switched to innova evo. I think I like that one better since i dont have to mail order it.
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WHen we brought Monte home from the breeders, he had some HORRIBLE gas!!! She was feeding him Iams kitten. My vet told us that was a very rich food and to switch him to a higher quality food. We made the switch and the gas went away.
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any suggestions on food?
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There are great brands out there. Label reading is a good habit to get into, as already mentioned. As your vet what is a high quality food. Do a search ( on high quality food. Go to any quality pet store (Petsmart can be helpful, but often there is a local place that is less commercialized, and they'll be able to help you more.) A salesperson should be able to help you pick out a quality food for a kitten, and that way it'll be in a store you can access.

Some cats just don't do well with treats, like Pounce, or wet foods. Like humans, cat's digestive systems are unique to the individual.
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Originally Posted by msyfun
any suggestions on food?
I personally feed my cats Nutro mixed 1/3 with Innova Evo.
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we hadda gassy kitten... (thats why we named her bean)
once we switched foods the gas went away as well

good luck!
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I use nutro. It is pricey but some say meow mix is ok.
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Meow mix wet is okay, the dry is no better than cat chow or friskies dry. I would feed her purina one kitten at the least for her dry food. Nutro and other premium foods are good, but purina one is the best food that is available at the grocery store and wal-mart. Some people also swear by walmart's maxximum brand- NOT special kitty.
I would also find out if your kitten had ever been checked for worms- it's pretty easy to do, you just bring a piece of poo to the vet and they will check, it's not to expensive- i would say less than 20 bucks, and if kitty does it's very simple to treat. The only kitten I ever had that farted was Cookie and it was when he had worms.
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the wet is what I was talking about i should of specified that sorry.
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Intro wet ... read labels also avoid soy...

Nutro is a good dry Royal canin is good there avail at most pet stores... Many other good ones I just gave the two widely avail
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thanks for all you help. He was checked for worms and has none. I'm going to try new food.
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