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Quill has been licking me ever since I've gotten him. I'll sit or lie down and he'll come to me and grab my foot or hand with his teeth and claws and just lick me to death. It's really sweet of him but I was wondering why he's doing it. I love him anyway, but I'm kind of puzzled by it. Anyway, answers appreciated.
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my cat does the exact same thing ALL the TIME, I have no idea why and i have to admit it does bug me now and then. I understand that it is a sign of affection, seeing how he is grooming you. But i just dont like it. So what i have done is and this might sound a little silly but when i come home from work i will spray myself ( hands, arms, feet) with bitter apple and that seems to stop him from licking once he licks once he wont lick there any more but once you wash it off i think they can smell it so you are free game again.
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My Cassi used to overgroom herself to the point of creating sores.
Now she insists on grooming us whenever we pet her.

My mother once had a cat that licked her excessively, turned out the cat loved the taste of her moisturizer.
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Some do it as affection (a maternal instinct, or familial habit), and some do it for obsessive reasons. Both of my cats love giving "kisses". One does it because she overcleans (to the point of thinned hair), and the other because she has a sick infatuation with my family.

It may be a phase, also.
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Quill is just a year old so it might indeed be a phase. Thanks!
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