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This touched my heart

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I just wanted to share this with you all, Mother's day is usually a very hard day for me, since mom is gone, and I have no children of my own, but this year it was alot easier because of not only that I have my own child now growing inside of me, but my 17 year old step-daughter sent me this wonderful e-mail and I just wanted to share it with you....

They have currently started charging for E-cards
and I think thats somewhat outrageous and I'm
protesting. However, I still wanted to
wish u a Happy Mother's Day and thank u for
all u do and put up with ; ). U are a wonderful
stepmother and friend. I couldn't ask for
better. Love u lots.

Love Brooke

I just thought that was really sweet of her.
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Oh by the way...that is the first I'd heard of charging for E-cards....has anyone else heard this? Is it true? I think it's outrageous too!
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Yes, they are also now charging for Blue Mountain Cards. $11.95 for a year, which is cheaper than buying the cards at the store. But still, it used to be free..........
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That was very kind and thoughtful of your stepdaughter.
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What a lovely thing to do. She's right. Most card sites charge now, but acpressions are still free, and they're beautiful. You cannot personalize them with your own message, however. Here is the address:
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You are lucky to have a nice stepdaughter. I think the Hallmark website still has free e-cards.
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That was very nice of your step-daughter to send you an email. I sent a mother's day card to my mother-in-law and she wasn't expecting one and it made her SO happy.
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That was indeed very sweet of her, Debby!

Hey, just so you all know Hallmark has a free E-Card section. Nice selections too, I use them all the time.

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I haven't used these for some time, but thay have been free...


That last one has really funny ecards. You might let your stepdaughter know.

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That was sweet of her indeed And I gotta say congrats on your coming baby!!!!!!!

Starting to charge for something that so many other places give out free is the first sign of a bankruptcy. I bet they won't be around for so much longer. I have an ecard archive here incase anyone still needs some cards (they aren't all that great or anything but thought I'd still post the link)
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Wow! That is very moving. How is she with her biological mom? In my family my mom is very hostile towards my dad's new partner and that shadows our relationship with her as well as with dad. I'm glad things are better that way in your family. I just know you'd make such a wonderful mom for your baby!

By the way everyone, don't forget that we have some very sweet cat e-cards that can be peronalized with a message and music and they are totally free! I didn't make any mother's day cards though... maybe next year There are nice thank you cards though.

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Thank you everyone for all the great free e-card sites! I will pass that information along to her!
Anne, that is sad that your mother feels the way she does about your dad's new partner. I have to say we have been very lucky in this family....and I'm sure it is unusual.....but not only have I gotten along great with my step-children for the past over 8 years that I have been with my husband, but also his x-wife and I get along fine. We have even went shopping together a couple times, and we e-mail jokes, etc to each other. At first we were even exchanging Christmas presents, but that kind of faded out, but we are still friends.
The kids have a great relationship with her and her husband, too. They have two little brothers at home. And now they will have a sister here!
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