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Well, the first few days after Otto arrived he was fine, he was very quite and happy...but the past few days he hasnt stopped meowing! I mean he will meow for minuites contiously,Then he will stop and then do it again.His previous owner (my auntie) said that he used to do it alot but she used to tell him in a serious tone 'Otto shut up!!' and he would. He also does it after he has eaten, so then we thought that he still might be hungry. This morning he woke the whole family up with his meowing and my dad came down to give him some food (he is only fed once a day which is at night) he has been feed once a day since my auntie bought him and that was bout 10 years ago and that has always seemed enough for him! and after he shut up for agesssss, we will also feed him tonight and see what difference this makes. But still he is meowing!! We tell him to stop it, we have tryed all sorts, he still seems happy enough and effectionate.

Any idea why he may be doing this?

Many thanks Ash xXx
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he could be looking for auntie. also some cats are more vocal then others sounds like he was even before u got him. as long as he is eating ok and dont seem to have any health problems id just talk back to him one of my cats meows alot we kind of end up having a dialog with each other.
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aww thankyou!! Thats helped ... i'll will try that
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My female cat (KittyGirl) loves to her herself meow! If I had $1.00 for every meow she has made since a kitten back in July of '02, I'd buy the Oil Industries and drop the gas prices. She eats normal and deosn't have any issues that may be causing pain or discomfort, she just likes to be the center of attention...all the time!!
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