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Discharge from his scar where he was neutered

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My cat is two years old and neutered. Tonight he started being more vocal than usual - but it didn't sound like his usual meow, it sounded more like a cry. We thought he needed some attention so we played with him and pet him. Then we noticed that some sort of discharge was coming out of the scar where he was neutered. It's Saturday night and our vet doesn't open until Monday morning. Does anyone know what it is and should we go to the 24-hour animal hospital? I called and they said they couldn't tell me over the phone whether or not I should come in. He's sleeping now, which makes me less concerned. Advice? Thanks.
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How long ago was he neutered?
This does not sound good he needs to go to the vet ASAP because it seems like he is in alot of pain
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it doesnt sounds so good. The tomcats usually dont have discharges, it is a little moist at most.
so he needs probably some veterinary help, antibiotics almost surely and perhaps also to let the fluids out.

Does he run a fever? If yes so it is sure he must have help immediately.

Cats have higher temp than humans, 38, 3 grades celsius - against humans 36,6. If he has say above 38,8 - it is higher than normal yes.

Dont remember what is it in Fahrenheit.
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Im thinking. With a little luck he hasnt no infektion, is only swollen with watery fluids.. the swollen causes some pain yes - and he seems to have pains. And some of the swollen-fluids gets out - very good in this case.

If so, it will probably get over by itselv with a little luck, althougt it is preferable a vet helps by making a drenage of the swollen place as this will give he immediate relief.

The fluid, is it water like or is it colored (usually green or yellow) and smells??
If coloured - there ARE a bacterial infection and he must have antibiotics asap. and preferably a drenage.
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Update: We took him to the vet this morning and they were not concerned at all, so I guess it's pretty normal. Just wanted to give an update in case anyone else has this problem in the future.

And to answer the questions above, we just adopted him so we do not know when he was neutered, but not recently. And the discharge was pus-like and clear.
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ok then - just keep a close eye on the discharge and his behavior. If something looks or feels wrong - just bring him in again!!!
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