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Its over

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Well, after twelve years, a lot of good times and some devastatingly bad times, I am single, again. In less than ten minutes, twelve years of my life was negated, with a few strokes of a pen. I'd, never, take him back, after what he did to me and with what he's become but, it still wasn't easy. I am so grateful that Bill loves me enough, to have gone with me and supported me, through all of this. As for Numbnuts: what goes 'round, comes around. He's going in for triple-bypass surgery, tomorrow. I, just hope he lives long enough to pay ALL of my alimony.
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In all that twelve years just stow away the good memories and try to forget the bad. I know it is hard, and I never thought that my ex-husband and I would ever become friends again after all he did to me, but he entered rehab and straightened out and now we are good friends.

I am sorry you are going through such pain, but you will be a better person when you come out the other side. I promise!

Hugs ((((((((()))))))))))))))
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Divorce is such a really hard thing to go through...I know mine was... my thoughts are with you. I agree with Hissy...just try to remember the good times, though it can be difficult when there are so many bad.
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I know how hard it is (been there myself) but life goes on. I met a wonderful man (never wanted to marry again) and we have made a wonderful fun life together. He taught me how to love again (I didn't trust men after what I went through). One thing, I've always had my cats, friends and family. Please know that we are there for you.

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Lucky you. You're getting alimony. I still have to deal with my ex on a regular basis, because the kids aren't grown yet. He's just as big a jackass as he was when we were married. Maybe even bigger.
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Your wounds are very fresh, and I know the emotional pain is much worse than physical could be. But I suggest that you try to put that aside and pray for a successful surgery. The bitter feelings go away. It takes a long time, and you'll go back and forth between hurt and hate, but keep praying. You'll come out on top, as Hissy says. I admire Hemingway's philosophy. It isn't so much what life does to you; it's how you deal with it that counts. I am not trivializing your situation, believe me. My husband and I have been separated for years. I still hurt, but I love him again, and he loves me.
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Got a call, last night, from my best friend, Katey. Numbnuts didn't even wait for the ink to dry, on the decree: he and the cyberslut got married. Won't be much of a honeymoon, though - he's going to be in CCU, on a ventilator, for a few days. The guy that officiated is a convicted child molestor. It seems appropriate: two perverts, married by another sicko! THAT marriage is bound to last!
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Been there, done that, have the tee-shirt. My ex married my best friend 3 days after our divorce became final. They lasted about a year before he divorced her. She had the audacity to call me out of the blue and wanted to renew the friendship! I don't think so! She told me the reason they divorced was because Don still loved me. HA!

Let it go Kat if you can, just let it go and know that you will survive this even if you think you won't.
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I just found out from my divorce lawyer that I've been divorced since December!!! And here I thought that I was still married!! I am free. And I am not ready for marriage even though my heart longs for companionship. So many men pressure me to marry them and I don't want to. I think I will stick to cats and dogs!
Between me and my ex, we try to keep it civil for the sake of our children. I don't get alimony. I have to pay him child support, but he is waiting until I start to work. So far, we haven't fought or argued. We just go our separate ways without talking to each other. The only times is on Fridays and Sundays.
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I'm doing all right. Actually, as of Saturday I pretty much have my old life back: a home, someone who loves me, cats and a dog. This isn't my first divorce but it has been the most painful.
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