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Stressed about my puppy

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I have a 9 week old white shepard lab mix. and i just found a half eaten turkey bone. Sigh. Now im stressed that he might have hurt himself trying to eat the soft bone. Poultry bones are really sharp and can shatter when they chew on them. He has plenty of beef bones, he dosent NEED poultry...

Hes sulking now, he tried to play with taz... BOY DID THAT SO NOT WORK!
She hates the poor dog. hehe. Kinda funny to watch though.
I hope Kozmo is ok..
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I would keep a very close watch on the puppy. He may have splintered pieces lodged or something.
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If there is any vomiting take him to the Vet ASAP...
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Was it cooked or raw? Raw is fine for them to eat, they only shatter when cooked.
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If you just seen your dog eat something he/she should'nt have, here is what to do

FIRST: IF IN DOUBT, CALL YOUR VET. There are some poisons / items that are best left in the dog. Inducing vomiting could cause further damage in some cases. Most vets will tell you over the phone to induce vomiting or not.

In the case of ibuprophen it always a 'make them vomit', as the longer the pills sit in the stomach the higher the risk for gastric ulcers and/or renal damage.

If you just watched your dog gulp down a pair of underware or a rat (and you know who you are!) and you'd like them to return them to you, follow the simple steps outlined below!

1. Feed the dog a nice big bowl of food so it has some extra 'stuff' to throw up. In the case of pills this makes it more probable that that all of the pills will come up. In the case of other nasty stuff, it gives the dog more volume to help things come up easier (important when you need to get bones or plastic to come up)

2. Use a medicine dropper - sold at any pharmacy for giving kids medicine - to give the dog 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Three teaspoons = 1 tablespoon. Hold the dog's mouth open and stick the dropper in their throat, then hold the dog's mouth shut to force them to swallow.

3. Back up and wait.

You MUST have 'fresh' hydrogen peroxide for this. To test your HP, put a little in your mouth, it should fizz immediately. If not go get a new bottle. The HP will fizz when it hits the dog's stomach, your dog may foam at the mouth for a bit and vomit a little. DO NOT bring your dog in after the first 'spit up'. Until they have really heaved a few times they are not done. It can take about 15 minutes. If they have not vomited in that time, give another tablespoon of HP.

Don't let the dog eat or drink for a few hours or they may vomit it up again. I let Ruby drink and vomit a few times to clear the bad taste out, so we just stayed in the yard for an hour or so.

Be prepared for lots of dirty looks from your dog.

If he/she eats something sharp:

You want to help it pass through with as little damage as possible. Feed your dog some cotton balls soaked in milk or broth. Those will wrap around the sharp object and help protect the intestine. Some mineral oil or olive oil will help lubricate things, too.

Always,always,always consult your vet before administering care!
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I think hes just fine, after having some runs... Which we think were caused by something else. He seemed just fine
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Silver feel free to PM me or PEmail me. We both have puppies
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