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I Can Feel Them!

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I had my hand on Mommas stomach and can feel the babies moving. They are moving a lot and I can even feel their outlines, I could tell there are at least three, I could feel each one. Does this mean she is close?
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They say you can feel them as early as 2 weeks before birth. What date do you think she is due.
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I have no idea when she is due. For a longtime I could feel little bubbles of movement from the babies, yesterday was the first time though that there was a lot of movement from them and I could feel their outlines, so cool. They feel to be 2-3 inches long.I was also just watching her stomach and I could see her stomach moving.This is so neat!

Lastnight was also the first time she let me rub her belly without moving. My arm was so tired, I must have been rubbing her belly for over an hour.
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Ya Skittles now lets me rub her belly also. It is cool to feel the ripples.
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