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I have two female cats my gray and white cat had her kittens 12 days ago and my calico cat had her kittens 3 days ago. My gray and white one is a great mommy and absolutely loves her kittens. But my calico on the other hand isn't doing so good one of her kittens did'nt make it because she was too worried about cleaning her self off that she did'nt bother to clean the sack off. She is rarely with her other two kittens and when she is she doesn't really let them eat too much. This is my first experience with a mommy and kittens so I'm really clueless on what to do. A few people have told me to give the calicos kittens to the other mom but I don't know if this is the right thing to do. Any info would be so greatly appreciated
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Others may have different opinion but if the kittens are not doing well and they need feeding you could try to give to the other mom. Or you can supplement and then just see if the other mom will keep them warm.
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