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Wondering about harnesses...and my cat...

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Hi! I have been using a harness for my cat, (well, getting him used to it) but all that he does with it is plays with it and sits! If I try to walk him around a bit, he just lies down. He seems fine with it on, but doesn't really do anything! I tried walking him outside before, and I had to carry him the whole way! Will I be able to get him to walk with time and patience? I was also wondering-I noticed that so many people have a cool picture thing of their cat, and was wondering how they made them. Well, thank you!
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yeah, most cats dont "get it" but yes with time and patience you two will learn how it works he he. Mine just like to go in bushes,or lay around and take some sun. but cats don't "walk" , the harness is just so they wont run off, you walk with the kitty to where the kitty feels like going.

The kool kitty pictures , go to support, in there will be threads where you can contact someone to make you one. =o)
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I have the same issue with my old foster, i would keep her on a harness because she loved to get ouside.
Only when i took the kids for a walk, she would follow us. Just not if i hooked a leash onto a harness.
Sigh, pain in the bumm.
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Most cats won't walk they way a dog will. Puppy just meanders around the yard and sniffs bushes while I follow him.
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I've only tried the harness once with Rocky-Rockette so far. All she will do is walk backwards. I had to carry her too.
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Originally Posted by LeilaLuv
you walk with the kitty to where the kitty feels like going.
Exactly, haha... like the saying goes "My cat's not spoiled, I'm just well trained"... I take Oliver out in my parents' backyard and I have to carry him out and when and where he feels like moving is where I have to go, haha... then I gotta pick him up to bring him inside, which he never likes - doesnt put up a fight, just cries a little, lol
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Thank you for all of your guys' help!
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Although those questions were answered well, and this might not be the best place, I was just wondering if this site and the making of the cool cat things from the support people was free or not. Thanks again!
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The site is free. We do ask that you don't use a pop-up blocker. The advertising helps pay for the site.

As far as the signatures, there is a thread of people who will make free signatures for people. You do need to have 5 posts before you can have a signature.

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Zissou will actually walk on her harness. Get one of the "H" ones; I've tried the figure-8 and the H ones, and the fig.8 ones get too tight around the neck, esp if give a little gentle tug to say "Hey, come on, lets go this way!".
I took Zissou out to the park and she walked probably a mile with me. On the way out, I carried her most of the way, esp when someone was bringing a dog the other way, and then let her sniff around for a while, and then we turned around and she actually led us back to the car, only stopping when she got too hot.
Now, I play follow-the-kitty sometimes, but often she walks alongside the sidewalk with me.
If your cat won't stand up or walk forward without acting wierd, its not time to go outside yet. They should have worn their harness for about 10 hours over the course of a week or two before you even try attaching a leash to it, and then a while to get used to that, and then try going outside for a little bit. Some cats will never do it, but a majority will and done the right way they will love it.
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After weeks of harness training ( I am moving cross country and don't want the cat bolting from the car) she finally actually walked around with it on and trailed the leash without acting as though she was tethered to the spot. so just be patient.
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