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Kitty likes babyfood

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I've been giving my kitty babyfood since he had stomach problems. Does anyone do this or has heard of this?
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All my cats at one time or another has had baby food. keep it to the meats and the green beans and you will be fine.
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actually what I give him is gerber beef in beef gravy (2). Because I also give canned cat food and all he eats is the sauce. So I figured I can give dry mixed with this baby gravy. Thanks
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You need to make sure that it doesn't have any onion powder in it. You also need to be sure it's not his primary source of nutrition. Baby food lacks all of the essential nutrients he needs. There are several deficincy's that can be life threatning.
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The only time my cats get jarred baby food is as a treat at shows. My kitens get the dry baby ceral mixed with Just Born or KMR and make it mush so they learn to eat solid foods. The only ones I give in jars is chicken and turkey. Make sure that your cats are on good balanced diets. I must agree with Sandie -- no onion powder.

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I am glad Sandie is around to correct me when I get in a rush. Here is a link to explain why the onion powder is so bad for cats......The babyfood used to NOT have onion powder in it at all.

Baby food danger
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I give Arizona a little as a occasional special treat after particularly heinous chores (medicating, bath, etc.) I also buy the Gerber--we've tried the beef in beef gravy and the lamb. She loves them both--I am instantly forgiven the minute I pull out the jar.
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I'm going to try some baby food for Sebas. He has had such a dainty appetite lately, maybe he would appreciate something different.

He only ever licks the gravey off his wet food, then spits out the actuall chunks on the floor
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