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I think my cat is DYING!!!

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I need help despreratly. I have a cat about 5-6 years old who has been raised with other cats. In november I moved into my boyfriends house, he has a young male siamesse cat who is very domminat. (my cat's name is shadow.) Shadow has always been a nerodic cat, always scared of everything and very timid, she was never abused and always very well taken care of, but a very weird paranoid cat. she was also considerably overweight. All of a sudden she has lost 2/3 of her body weight as if she was hidding under the bed never to emerge for food or water. I locked her in the bathroom with food and water and a warm place to sleep, she ate but now threw up large amonts of what apperaes to be food, but she did this several times last night in obvious places ike my bed and the bathroom rug and by the foot of my baby's bed. Is my cat just getting thin, is she starving to death, will she ide, do i need to get rid of the younger male cat, i am so confussed as to what would be the problem with an otherwise healthy cat. it amazes me to think that a cat would be so scared of another cat that they would rather starve to death. am i just abusive and neglectful, i would hate to think so, i am so scared and concerned, what am i to do. i am also not financially in a position to pay hundreds of dollars on a cat as i am a single mother. please anyone with help, advice, a link on where to look for information, anything please email me. i am desperate, thank yo and god bless you.
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Dear Abatwing: First of all you are not a bad pet parent, that is evident in the fact that you care enough to seek help for Shadow. You are right to isolate the cat from the dominate Siamese when it comes to eating time, but can you possibly be with her when she is eating and then if she does eat put her back out into the main part of the house/apt. with the family. I think she threw up because she was kept shut in the bathroom for an extended period of time and her fear of abandonment is what made her sick and, believe it or not, she threw up near or around things of yours to make sure you noticed she was upset. Now to deal with the other cat. Are both animals spayed or neutered? If so, they will adjust to oneanother better than if one or both are still rogue. Try holding or playing with them both together (one of the feather on a string toys seems to get the better of any cat's curiosity and naturally playful spirit and they will be playing alternatingly with you without realizing they are both in the same space. Since the Siamese is used to your boyfriend, it would help if he, too, could join in this trying to get both cats to co-exhist. Let us know what happens and if Shadow continues to fret herself sick over this, we will find other sources to offer you aid.
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It sounds to me like she is very stressed. However I would take her to a vet for a professional oppinion. If she really does have something wrong, it may be overlooked because of the situation. If it truely is stress, then the vet may be able to give you an RX that will ease the nerves for a little while until she can adjust a little better.
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I tried to e-mail you by using your name and AOL.com. I went ahead and registered to send you a reply.

My cat had the exact same problems. Instead of it turning out to be a behavior problem he was very sick. He has chronic hepatitis. I now give him medicine to help control the disease but eventually his liver will become worse and I will have to put him asleep. They can't tell you how long the cat will live but with medicine mine has lived one year and has not had any problems. Please try to contact a vet and see if by chance your cat is sick. I hope that it is just stress!

Good Luck
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I'm sorry to hear about Shadow being sick. As pet parents we all seem to panic and try to diagnos our babies. We feel at a loss for how to care for or what to do when it comes to a sick animal and even sometimes guilty. First thing you need to do though is seek the advise of a vet. It may just be a behavioral problem due to stress but a vet needs to rule out other causes. I will say a little prayer for Shadow. God bless.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty. I empathize with your situation.

My cat went through a period of hiding, sudden weight and appetite loss a few months ago immediately after we had a visiting cat so I know this can happen. Her system seemed to shut down for 2 weeks. But the 4 months since November should be enough time for your kitty to adjust and if her symptoms are only NOW occurring then I hesitate to think it is just stress. Have you tried separating the Siamese and letting your kitty have the run of the house instead? Separating her from the other cat should ease the stress but if she continues to refuse to eat maybe you should consider seeing a vet especially if it has been 4 months.

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I want to thank you all for your help. Today I woke up and found no vomit or signs of distress. Both of the cats are fixed, there is a 3rd cat in the household, but was rased with shadow and is not problem. Shadow initially was my mother's cat but when she was no longer able to care for her i took her. my mother feels as if the cat is upset over that, but that was so long ago, the cat should be over that. I will look into seeing a vet to see if she has hepatitis or something. does anyone know of organizations or hospitals that are low cost or not too expensive. I know there are places that help with spaying a cat, but i was wondering about the humane society or anything. I have tried to play with the cats in close vacinity and that only left Shadow more upset and shakeing.Her fur almost looks thinner, but it could be me just being paranoid, as she had very thick fur.
email me abatwing@yahoo.com
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I agree with everything above. I would like to give you a homemade recipe to try and get some weight back on her, if you do find that she is okay, healthwise. This is a great formula for kittens, sick cats and older cats who are losing weight. Remember, this formula is to help with weight gain or sensitive tummies, it does not meet all of a cat's nutrional needs, particularly their need for Taurine.

1/2 cup of evaporated milk
1/2 cup of water
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of kayro syrup (for flavor)
Add Gerber's Rice Cereal to a "guel type of consistency".

If she refuses to eat, you can get a large syringe from a pharmacy (remove needle) and force feed her at first. Most of them love the taste and begin to eat on their own.

Hope this helps.
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