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Opened Eyes

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My lil girl ( the one im keeping) has both eyes opened now!
And the twins each have one eye opened and the lil boy.... well hes really fat and still blind lol. Hes my glutton, but he shows no signs of opening his eyes.

Are kittens eyes supposed to be goopy when they are newly opened? I mean its not really goopy, but wet, like they are tearing up.

Their ears arent open yet. Well they are now 9 days old Im so happy they are all doing so well now!
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Must Post Pictures!!!!

I'll bet they are just a bunch of cutie pies.
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Spikes was a little teary...but it cleared up in a couple of days.
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From what I remember is yes a little gop but alot isnt good. Keep away from flash and bright lights. Please post pictures
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