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Frankie and Stomatitis story

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Well, I guess it is my turn to share a long story. My husband and I just moved to Pennsylvania, and Frankie has had a rough couple months since we took him in in December. He has already had one tooth extracted about 2 months ago.

Our poor Frankie is once
again at the vet. He was adjusting to the new place when he started
hiding again a couple days ago and we heard him cry a couple times so we
started the antibiotics for the second time since we have been here. The
last cry Sunday night was more like a scream after eating some
crunchies. So, off to find a cat-only hospital Monday as there are
several in this area.

We got him in last night, that in itself was difficult just to catch him, and
he spent the night there so he could settle down and they could look at
him early this morn. We had told them his history and skitteryness, of
course, and they are quite experienced in dealing with ferals and
skittery kitties. Based on what we told the vet, she already had ideas
for treatment and possible diagnoses. (stomatitis) She seems very knowledgeable and
caring. They were even able to get blood and examine him without
sedation this morning! They reported he was a very good boy and a very
nice kitty! I am soooo proud of him.

They said his mouth is in
terrible shape and looks like hamburger. This afternoon they will
operate to extract teeth and see what else needs attention and send
tissue for a biopsy so we know exactly what we are dealing with. They
will determine future treatment if necessary based on the biopsy
results. He may even lose all his teeth. And I told them, whatever will
make him comfortable. Every time we make progress with his
socialization, this mouth thing flares up causing regression and it
needs to be taken care of permanently. It just breaks our hearts to see
him hurting like this. The preliminary bloodwork was good; the infection
isolated to just mouth. I am so glad it is not systemic! He most likely
won't be home until tomorrow. I will know later today how things went
and get a better idea of when he can come home.

Of course I have been scouring the net for any and all info on stomatitis. I will post when I hear back from the vet.

If anyone knows of good info on this, please let me know.
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Is the most comprehensive one that I use. Hope it helpsFeline Health
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PM update after surgery...

The procedure was
1 hour and 33 minutes! They had to make sure they got all residual tooth
bits out to prevent reinfection. They took out all but 2 canines and a
couple incisors. He is resting comfortably after getting pain meds and a pain patch. I will call again tonight to check on him and most likely he can come home tomorrow if he shows interest in eating.

The assistant said he is the best behaved baby there! She was shocked as
he was supposed to be more difficult to handle. She also noted the beautiful tattoo on his tummy, so I told her that was what he got back after the vet took his "toys". Poor replacement, I know, but the identifying numbers do help make him appear more macho... :tounge2:
When I called hubby at work and mentioned Frankie would be rather toothless, I said, "Maybe he will meow with a lisp now!" And of course hubby was dying with laughter. Then I told him about about the tech's comment on the
tattoo, and hubby said, "Well, he is an Indiana cat; toothless and tattooed!" So, of course I was cracking up! I guess I needed the comic relief as I have felt weepy all morn thinking about Frankie. I just hope this gives him the relief he needs. I truly miss his silly ways and
romping around the house. I want my beautiful blue-eyed boy to be happy
and pain free.
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I'm so glad Frankie got through the surgery OK. Please keep us informed about his recovery, and of course what you find out with the biopsy. I always like to learn about kitty ailments, so I have good information in case it ever happens (god forbid!) to one of my babies.

Hugs to Frankie when he comes home. I hope he is better than new!
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All of my experience with Stomotitis has been with other people's cats. However, every cat that has had the teeth taken out and finished a course of antibiotics were just fine. I am sure Frankie is going to have a miraculas recovery
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Thanks for the link and good wishes, everyone.

Frankie came home last night. His mouth of course is very swollen, but he did eat. So far this morning, though, he has not been interested in food. He goes back for a check up on Tuesday and we should have biopsy results in two weeks.

He is resting comfortably. He also managed to remove his leg bandage where the IV was and his waist band that held the analgesic pain patch.
Just the thought of him doing that gives me the willies as of course he used his mouth.
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Monday update:

Frankie is recovering nicely. He goes for a check up tomorrow. The vet called with biopsy results Saturay and it is non-cancerous, so it is definitely stomatitis. I am hoping this will be the last of Frankie's painful mouth problem!
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