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Final Update on Sick Persian

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Dear Forum Members:
Little Satya died today. After one month of refusing to take food or water on her own, she was put down at the vets office. I prolonged her death by feeding her baby food and water with a dropper, but on Monday she looked bad and had started throwing up the water. I called the vet and he agreed with me to try some antibiotic and eye medicine for the pus in the eyes - infection coming out of the body. She was able to keep the antibiotic down, but would throw up the water, then yesterday she started throwing up the baby food and looked like death.
The vet said that if she continued without food and water she would go into convulsions and that it would be more humane to put her down.
I buried the little one this afternoon in my yard.
She was the most beautiful Himalyan Persian and her little soul was as beautiful on the inside. She loved everyone that came to visit at my home and wanted to be held by all. I have cried all afternoon and will miss her all the days of my life.
In conclusion, the vet said that they still did not know what the root problem was, it could be insecticide exposed to as a kitten that eventually destroyed cells in her digestive tract. She had no tumors and the blood work all showed normal.
Last year I put on her a Frontline Cat flea killer. She acted very badly after doing this and was not happy. I called the vet and they gave me a prescription for a steroid to help ease the distress. I told my pet groomer about this reaction and she said that cats were dying due to the Frontline and never to give either of my cats the Frontline again as it would kill them.
She felt the Advantage was a different chemical and not did not have the same effect.
I plan to call her tomorrow to discuss this and see if she feels the Frontline may have been the problem even though it was last August when I put the Frontline on her. The vet said that this could not be the problem.
Does anyone have any ideas about this as the root problem?
Many thanks to everyone that posted helpful suggestions for Satya.
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RIP Satya
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I have no idea what could have been wrong..but I just want to offer my heartfelt condolences to you..Very sorry for your loss.
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Sorry to hear that. Do you know why she wasn't eating for a month?
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So sorry about your kitty. Unfortunately if cats go without food for just a couple of days they can go into liver failure so if she had not eaten in a month, she would have been very sick. Usually when cats won't eat, after a couple days they have to be force fed to get their liver functioning properly again.
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Catherine, I'm so very, very sorry. I've been wondering about Satya, and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, you may never find the root cause of her illness. I'm sure you did everything you could for her. I'm so sorry, sweetie.
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I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your baby.
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Thats so sad

Play happily over the bridge Satya
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(((Satya))) RIP, sweet angel.
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I am sorry that she lost the fight. I use frontline and have for a long time with no ill results. It is possible that you got a bad batch of it, or that your cat just had a bad reaction to the chemicals. Unless you did a necropsy you will never really know what happened. But sometimes, even a necropsy doesn't give you answers just more questions.

It sounds like you did the right thing for her, she did sound as if her quality of life was suffering
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Rest in peace little one.
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RIP- Satya. You did all you could do for this little angel. She's better off now.
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Rest in peace Satya place with Chance and Sonny over the rainbow bridge.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. RIP sweet Satya....
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RIP sweet Satya.
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RIP, sweet Satya! You were very loved and will be missed. Have fun playing at the bridge.
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is always bad to lose a precious pet. It is even worse when we don't know why. I lost my cat of 12 years last July to renal failure. He had been healthy all his life. The vet had no answers as to what caused the kidney failure. Sometimes we just have to accept things that happen and go on. Take comfort in knowing you provided love and a wonderful home to your pet.
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play with the angels little one - you will be forever missed
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