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so much going on right now....sigh

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I havent had time to post in quite awhile-- i miss TCS something awful. We have so much going on right now i was in tears from stress all week this week. Things are finally starting to look up for us a bit--

found out hubby has diabetes-- has had it for at least 4 months-- he was admitted to the hosp. wednesday this week bc his blood sugar was over 600. he had to stay over nite for the nite and is now on 2 kinds of insulin--- i have been scared to death. I feel more at peace with the disease since i have since been educated and educated myself on it. Its going to be a few months till we can get him stabilized on his blood sugar but we have made the decision that its going to be a family affair. Eating healthier and exercising daily for all four of us and our furbabies.

Same day hubby went to the dr, Beavis went to a new vet for a senior panel and general check up-- hes lost a bit of weight (fat) and gained some muscle. his blood numbers are better than last time when i first got him in Dec 05. so thats good

Our house in MS has been shown alot (we moved to Texas (not katrina related) in Jan06) and i was starting to stress that it wasnt going to sell. Plus our insurance company cancelled the policy on our house in MS when they found out we moved-- That was freaking me out. BUT We got an offer last nite and we counter offered and they ACCEPTED the counter offer.

Hubby hasnt been able to find a job yet ( he really isnt trying too hard) hes getting depressed although he wont admit it. And even though im working im working as a temp to hire in downtown houston and i have 3-4 more weeks until the company i am working at can hire me (which they will).

So basically we have no health insurance of any kind so hubbys medical bills are gonna be HIGH-- his insulin and meter and such was over 400$ alone --

ive been venting to my boss at work and while shes very open with all her employees im scared that me being a tempto hire (and she wants to hire me on) and venting to her about home is going to hurt my chances to get hired-- she knows i want the job and im proving my worth everyday, its just i dont have anyone else to talk to-- I work 9 am to 7pm so basically i leave the house at 7 am to get my son to school and drop my daughter off at SIL's house and then im working all day and by the time i get home its time for the kids to go to bed. Dont get me wrong i LOVE what im doing-- actually fixing to become head of a brand new department in the company this coming up week.

My son is acting out in school (pre K) tothe point the principal called me thursday morning to tellme my son had exposed himself to his whole class. He got a time out at school. Hes acting out for attention i know-- he told my SIL ( she was keeping my kids while hubby was in the hospital) that "daddy was dying". I am blaming myself for that-- i feel like a horrible parent-- we uprooted him less than 2 months after his granpa died (they were super duper close) and moved to a totally new state and culture. He left all his friends and everything. Daddy doesnt have a job and he never sees me anymore--

I think things will get better once hubby gets a job and we can get a real schedule going for our family, esp for the kids.

argghhh i just want to veg out and gorge on chocolate soo bad-- just a day to myself--

if you made it this far-- thanks for listening-- i just need to vent soo bad.

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Oh my dear goodness, you poor thing. Vent all you want, that is what we are here for. I surely hope that once things begin to get a little more settled that your kiddo will be ok and your family acclimates well to the new life changes. Best of luck hon. My thoughts are with your hectic life right now and I am wishing the best of outcomes!
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oh wow, it doesnt rain, it pours! I really feel your pain and I wish I could give you a hug but I hope this one will do.
You really have a lot on your plate, and you do need to step back and have some time to yourself so you can breathe. Is that possible for you to do? Like, one saturday, let your hubby take the kids for the day and you go out somewhere that you want to do, like go to the art gallery, or go to a park or some botanical gardens with a book. I think you need some space to breathe.

Im sorry I don't have any words of wisdom.
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Well its a good thing that the house in MS will be sold as that will be one less thing to worry about. Diabetes can be successfully controlled through meds and diet too. I think you need to also take some "you" time you will feel lots better!!
Good luck with the job and I hope your life will smooth out soon.
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