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Kitten Questions

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My five kittens are a week and two days old. They all seem fine and healthy. All their eyes are open except on one kitten. This kittens eyes are trying to open by the corner however he still has the dried cord attached also! Is this ok? Also I'm listing their weights to see if yall think there in good ranges or if I should need to do anything.
1. Grey 8oz
2. Black 9.8oz
3.Black & White 9.2oz (eyes starting to open and still has cord)
4. Grey & White 8oz
5. Black 8.9oz

I will be posting pictures tonight when my kids go to bed.
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The eyes are fine, IMO. I've had a few who's eyes open partway, and they look kind of like they are squinting at you. But the cord is odd...mine usually are gone pretty quick. I don't think it would hurt to snip it off close to the belly. The rest will fall off soon. Maybe Momma isn't cleaning them as well as most?!?
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I would leave the cord be, it will fall off in due time. Do not try and open the eyes, let them open on their own as well. You can take a damp warm cotton pad and press it to the eyes if there is gunk there. But don't rush the process or you could damage the eyes. When a cat is let outside to breed indiscrimanently, often she has more than one tom that takes her. This one kitten could be from another mating entirely, hence the lateness of the eyes opening and the cord still being attached.
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The one with the cord is the heavy weight
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