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I feel like crying right now!(kinda long)

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I need to vent right now guys~please bare with me. As I told you all awhile back that my Gracie was missing.....well my dogs brought home what appears to be her body! I am soooo sad right now! This is killing me! I am not maing any sense of did she die? and was it quick? Uggh.....sorry guys, not to be gross/graphic but I just know it has to be her. I mean there wasnt much left of her, but what WAS there, it looked like her. I just dont get it..... Ok, now please send me some vibes to make me feel some what better please?! This just really sucks......
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Oh, that's just awful. Poor Gracie, I hope it was quick.
to you. That's just so upsetting.
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Originally Posted by pushylady
Oh, that's just awful. Poor Gracie, I hope it was quick.
to you. That's just so upsetting.
Yes it is very upsetting!! I keep thinking, no its not her~but I just dont know of any other cats like that around here.....thanks for the hugs btw.
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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry...maybe it's not her..I will pray that it isn't.

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That is terrible. I hope that it was painless
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This is tragic. I'm so sorry!
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Oh no!! how terrible!!, I'm so sorry things had to turn out this way sending you many prayers and hugs.
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Im sorry to hear that!

*sending mega hugs*
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Awe, *hugs* I'm sorry about your Gracie. *hugs*

Are you going to have a little funneral for her???
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I am so sorry to hear that. It is heartbreaking. I have my fingers crossed that it isnt your Gracie.
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Oh, I'm so sorry!
I've been in a similar situation before and I really hope that you can find out for sure if it was her. There's nothing worst than not knowing.
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I know the horrible feeling you have having lived through it myself. Don't dwell too long on this and give this cat a beautiful burial!!
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I'm so sorry to hear this!
It seems kind of weird to say this but if it is Gracie, I'm glad your dogs brought her body back, that way you won't have to wonder anymore, at least you have her body, if you can figure out if it's her.... I'm so sorry....
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I'm so sorry to hear about this, I hope its not your Gracie!

And I agree with Gail, even if this isn't Gracie, I think you should give this poor kitty a good buriel!
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If your cat did die and your dogs brought it home lets find some good in this that you were able find closure. Burry the cat . I have found some good in burring my cat. It will feel better later on when your not wondering where it is. I'm such a cry baby when it come to part with our cats. So sorry.
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Gosh I'm so sorry. I hope that it turns out that it's not your baby. In any case, have a burial for your baby and maybe a small memorial will help ease the pain some what.......
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Guys, Im not trying to be gross or anything, but what they did bring me was really nothing more than a carcass with some hair. And i recognized her by the hair and her whiskers, and also the one paw that was left. So theres really nothing to bury, as bad as it sounds, theres just not. I really appreciate all the sympathy and care from everyone.
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Well, I'm glad you know for sure it's her, although I wish it wasn't. I'm so sorry this happened, keeping you in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry this happened. Poor Gracie and poor you too.

Even though theres not much left to bury, you could still dig a hole and maybe plant a tree or plant over the top in her memory?
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oh poor Gracie. I'm terribly sorry about your loss. I've had that happen to me many times. Its hard to see such a graphic and unpleasant thing like the death of a pet. (((((((HUGS))))))))) :
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Oh my gosh..

I hope it wasn't her...and I'm sending vibes to help the pain...
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