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If the toys are under the stove/refridge, then they can stay there seeing as I'm in no possion to crawl amongst the dirt, grim from previous apartment owners.

If I'm looking for a certain toy (those plastic balls only come out when it's time to play and once play time is done in the cat drawer they go!) I just look under the bed (devin's secret hiding place) or in the cat cube.

I was quite surprised to find about 10 little furry mice all hidden away in the cat cube when I picked it up to clean the apartment! Now I check there once and week and remove offending items (bottle tops, pens and pencils).
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Originally Posted by fwan
I have no idea where they have gone
When Kaylee and Teufel were visiting, I kept having to look under the piano and the bed to find the "lost" toys. I actually saw Kaylee bury a toy mouse in the litter box.
Jamie likes to "hide" his inside guitars - it drives my husband batty. Of course, some balls and mice have seemed to just vanish into thin air.
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Oh this thread is funny..... I was just asking Anthony this morning, have you seen any of Katie's toys??.... all her toys are missing. We looked all over and I only found one mouse under the sofa. Katie must have 20 mice and two rubber balls. Where are they all??? She must have a hiding spot somewhere in the house.
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Originally Posted by lizch6699
Usually I find mine under the couches but I think they've hidden some inside of my mattress. The cloth under the boxspring is ripped and so they sleep in there sometimes.

Oh, Trout loves her place in the boxspring..she goes there to hide and we can't get her out ...the little rascal she is!
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Well with 2 cats and a 2 year old...I cant EVER find thier toys. I was spring cleaning the other day, and found 6 balls, 3 furry mice, 2 catnip bags, and one little bear with a bell on it. All cat toys just under the couches. Then I found these REALLY awesome sparkly balls (which I forgot I bought for them), under the fridge, well 2 out of the three anyways.

And then I found the "secret" hiding place that my daughter puts all those missing toys too. We have an old DVD holder box thing that we never use, and apparently she uses it. lol.
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Yep....they are now WELL hidden, under the couch, chairs, beds etc!!!!
I have a little "Toy Box" for their toys, but it is almost ALWAYS empty!
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I epect that when the movers remove all the furniture i will find dozens of little toys benaeth and behind all sorts of things. Since she loves knotted paper cord. I bough a huge spool and make new ones everyday. there must be over two dozen of them hidden somewhere by now.

when i was a teenage girl I had a cat who would take my sparkly pierced earrings and hide them in a cache under my mother's bed. I accused my sister of losing my jewelry until I caught the cat coming from my room with a little dangly hoop in her mouth, followed her and retrieved all my stolen earrings. It was quite adorable.
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