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queen and owner bonds

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my queen and i have such a strong bond with each other.
she waits for me to go into the bathroom and sit with her kittens while she comes out into the upstairs and has a strech and a clean. while she is gone i am able to look at and hold her kittens and she dosnt mind at all.

she also lets me help her by placing her in a good position so the kittens can suckle. and i sometimes hand feed her while she is feeding her kittens. she always calls to me when i go in in a gentle call. and purrs liek mad when im there.

she has nto tried to move her kittens despite the fact that i moved them from where she birthed.

does anyoen else have a special bond with there queen?
i sometime clean her girl bits with a baby wipe to keep her clean and she sleeps and purrs while i do it.
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That is good and she is letting you know she is safe with you and loves you
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Missy was so proud of her babies, she loved showing them off to us and would purr like crazy even to my hubby who she is a little shy around.

I'm glad you have such a strong bond with your momma cat, her kittens will be well adjusted from you handling them too.
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My first queen rex (got her at age 14 months) was like that. She was very "close" to me. She would not even have her babies until I was there to help. She didn't like to cut the cords but would do the rest.

So every litter I had to be right there to help out.
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My cat hasnt had her babies yet, but she loves it when im hanging out with her, she follows me around and wants me to constantly pet her and be with her.Im hoping when she has her babies she will be the same way.
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Maverick gave birth to Jupiter on my lap! She also woke me up before she gave birth.

For the first few days I couldnt leave the room without her crying for me to go back. I had to put her nest box on my bed next to my pillow to stop her from fretting.

She would only leave the room and her kitten if I was holding him at first.

The cutest was when she was feeding him she would motion for me to rub her belly.

The strangest thing was she was soooo protective over the kitten and I was the only one allowed near him for quite a while.
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