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One thing my doctor told me is that after you quit, it's quite common to develop smoker's cough worse than you've ever had it while you were smoking because the body is able to fight against keeping that crap in your lungs. But it does subside, I promise. You will also notice how bad it makes everything smell after you aren't adding to it. It wouldn't surprise me if you want to move away from a smoker just because you'll see and smell how gross it is.
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I can't just move out, but I am moving to a new city in August and nobody will ever smoke inside around the cat after that. There isn't really anything I can do about it right now, for all sorts of reasons. I know its bad for her, and bad for me-- that's why I'm trying to quit. I never smoked in my bedroom, to much of a fire hazard.
Everything else is pretty gross, mainly the TV. Even with one of those sharper image air purifiers.
I found this interactive chart thing where you fill in how much you smoke, how long, etc, and it shows you your likelihood to die of lung cancer and other stuff, and if I quit right now and never start again, I'll be back to a risk like I never smoked by the time I'm 30! Yay! If I don't quit right now, and wait till I'm say, 30, then it'll never go all the way back down. (I know it's just statistics, but it's encouraging!)
Heidi- I've noticed that too. It's gross. I feel like I've been working in a mine shaft all day. I probably won't be able to stand the smell for a while, but I pretty much have to...
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I went out to a club last night, which is a rarity for me. Anyway, here in Florida, clubs are about the only places left where people can still smoke indoors.

It was amazing. On my way home I almost couldn't get there fast enough, because everything smelled like smoke - skin, clothes....... blech!

Who ever thought I would become an anti-smoking snob? Well, I am.
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Originally Posted by Deb25
I went out to a club last night, which is a rarity for me. Anyway, here in Florida, clubs are about the only places left where people can still smoke indoors.

It was amazing. On my way home I almost couldn't get there fast enough, because everything smelled like smoke - skin, clothes....... blech!

Who ever thought I would become an anti-smoking snob? Well, I am.
It is parents use to smoke like crazy when they were younger. When they found out we were smoking, they would make comments behind our backs like "Oh your brother couldn't blow out all the candles on his cake because of the tar dripping from his lungs."

I do whole heartedly agree though, once you quit the smell of smoke is very distinct and most times irritating. There are days when B smokes (he has his own man cave to smoke in) but the door doesn't shut all the way...its really gross. Especially lately because for some reason he's smoking more.

Oh and whoever said about the cats and lung cancer - the other day I was petting Patches and she let out a sigh...totally gross because it just smelled like stale smoke. !!
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Originally Posted by Deb25
I do not recommend this at all. You need to rid your body of the nicotine completely. The quit will never happen like this.
Yeah, that is probably true. Better just to decide to quit, then do it! And it is true that if you stop young enough, the damage can pretty much be reversed. But if you wait too long...

I KNOW you can do it!
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I quit 2 years ago (May 3rd) using Hypnotism. It was really cheap and it's guarenteed forever. In otherwords - if I start again - can go back and get hypnotized again for free. The main thing that worked for me was I timed quitting with a move I was making to a new apartment. I knew that the new environment meant no familiar habits. That's the important thing - don't go where you usually use to smoke - find other places to go. If you always went out back to smoke - go out front. If you use to sit in front of your computer and smoke - try moving the computer to another room. Change things that way there is no familiarity. Smoking is not only nicotine - it's an association habit - i.e. - always in the car, always with a cup of coffee, etc. Try to change as much habit as you can so there is no association.
Also - my oral fixation became a bottle of water, but I made it a very special bottle. I kept one bottle and decorated it to the hilt - colored tape, marker, etc and just kept refilling it. I never ever put it down and all my friends and family knew what the bottle meant and knew I had quit. Everytime I got a craving I'd drink some water.
(Oh - and one other thing I did - every day I put $5 into a jar because that's how much I spent on a pack a day. I made sure I made no excuse not to put the money in there because I knew if I was still smoking - I would find that $5 somewhere - scraping change up if I had to.) You will be amazed at the way that money adds up! Unfortunately I then bought a house and moved out of my apartment and got out of the habit.
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Hey Zissousmom, How bout you try and quit smoking, and I will try and quit biting my fingers..then we can both try and quit cold turkey and we have to tell eachother when we cheat...That way we'll feel bad about cheating and maybe won't do it??

Just an idea, I know you probably think that my habit is not addictive..but it surely is I haven't been able to stop and I have been doing it since high school!! (I'm now 24)
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Trouts Mom you have a deal. I know the nicotine is addictive, but some people are more addicted to the habit than the nicotine (supposedly) so for them its the same thing.
I'm doing pretty well... not perfect. I know this isn't the best way to do it, but here's the approach I've decided on. My first step is going to be to stop thinking of myself as a smoker. I'm not going to make sure I have the pack with me every time I leave, I'm not going to plan out how I'm going to go buy the next pack, etc. I'm going to be a non-smoker who sometimes has a cigarette (only step one!). Then I'm going to delay the first one by two hours every day. So today was at noon, tommorow will be 2:00, then 4:00, etc. And keep going until its after dark. Then it'll be one a day, and then none.
I know it's better to stop altogether but I really don't think I can. I just get so sick...
Also, I'm only smoking outside so that I actually have to make it a pain in the butt (third floor walkup) and so that its not the familiar places.
So far, Troutsmom, you can bite five of your fingernails.

It already smells gross to me if I'm not smoking too. Thats how they get you. If one person lights up, everyone else does too!

The bottle of water idea is really cool, as is hypnosis. I've been meditating every night before bed telling myself that I don't smoke, I don't smoke, I don't smoke. I think my major problem is the way it becomes part of your personality, and who your friends are, etc. If it weren't for that I never would have started, or kept doing it.
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Sounds like you have a pretty good plan mapped out for yourself..I haven't done any chewing today really..maybe a few nibbles here or there..but none that did damage

Good job on the self talk..I really think that might help you to say you are not a smoker..Hey, I should try that for myself..I will not eat my fingers!!
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The secret to me quitting is I just decide too- it sounds kind of weird, but I just quit, I go through about 3 months of cravings though, but its mostly stiuational, like when drinking or after a meal.... unfortunately everytime I quit I started again and right now I want to, but I don't, I'm sure you know what I mean I think quitting smoking is 90% mental, thats why it can help to have support, I think the main reason I started up again each time was that everyone around me smokes and its hard to be around all that so I caved
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I'm a former smoker who still gets the urge to light up. But, when that mood strikes, I simply thing of a dirty, stale, full ashtray and the smell coming from it. If that doesn't work, remind yourself why you quit. When you want to smoke, simply say (aloud or in your head) STOP, and mean it. Trust me, I'm now smoke free and that's the tricks I used to quit.

Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
I went and saw "Thank You For Smoking" yesterday and it made me want to quit. It's a great movie if you don't smoke, want to smoke, or want to quit, by the way--hilarious.

Anyway I have been thinking about it since I went and saw the Bodyworlds exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center and there was a cross-section of a smoker's lung... I couldn't smoke all day after that but then I started again.

So, I'm trying to quit. Has anyone else? Any tips on what works, and what doesn't? I don't want to buy nicotine patches or be on anti-depressants. I smoke about 2 packs a week, lights, not that it really matters.
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Yeah, you guys quit smoking and biting your fingers and I'll stop overeating and eat healthier too! (um, hurry up and quit so I'm forced to do it soon! )
Good luck!
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3 years ago in grade 12 ethics I remember that the text book said if you ever feel stressed, go lift a car I'm not sure if that will work but I do have a couple methods that might. For smoking chew nicorette gum. Then the rest is will power. For the biting fingers, wear nail polish. Hopefully it helps.
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I quit 9 days ago. So far so good. I was just sick of waking up and coughing and having a hard time catching my breath any time I had to run up a flight of stairs. I have been able to do it cold turkey, still cant beleive I have made it this many days. I have smoked for around 9 years between 1/2 pack and pack a day.
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Originally Posted by Ryn
Good luck, a great decision! Smoking is unhealthy, discusting and enviromentally bad.
...I support to that!!!
GOOD LUCK!, certainly I´ll to send you Good Vibes to you can reach this wonderful Goal!
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I watched my Grandfather die in 2004 of smoking related illnesses and it broke my heart. Every hour or two my Dad and uncle would leave the room to have a smoke. I just cannot understand. I promised myself I would never smoke. I had a few puffs on New Years but it tasted like dirt. I wont suffer like my Grandfather.
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I have quit for 17 days now , cold turkey. NYC gives you a month of the patch for free but I decided to try it cold turkey first and have done really good. I smoked for about 10 years, since 17 regulary but my 1st cig was at the age of 15. I feel so much better, dont hack up brown snot in the morning and have an easier time breathing. I have gained a little weight though but that doesnt bother me so much, its easy to hide weight when you are male.
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