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Hey! Clean your tush!

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Puppy doesn't clean himself after using the litterbox. And sometimes he gets little bits stuck in his fur. So then he walks around with it, stinking up whever he goes, and then SITS on clothes, carpet, furniture...

What should I do? I used to take a dry paper towel and clean him, but that doesn't change much since he still does it when I'm not around. I was going to start using a wet paper towel to force him to clean himself. Any ideas? He's a DSH, and the fur is pretty short back there, should I trim him and make it shorter?
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I have the same problem with 2 of my cats. Mama has longer fur and it always gets stuck so I trim her in the bathtub with the help of my boyfriend. Otis squats too low when he pees so I usually trim his underbelly too. I also have baby wipes around the house so that I can clean their bums if I need to :-D
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Maybe you can trim the fur
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Ashes got a BIG clump of poo stuck on her bum..............it was SMELLY!! I coudn't get it out so I just cut the fur.

They all got shaven anyway yesterday. They were shedding ALOT plus its flea season and abunch of other reasons, so they are all lookin like rats but soooooooooooooo cute!
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Here is a good link for this topic. Some one else ask the same questions, and I thought others were able to help them out.

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I'm not sure how good of any idea this is, but when we first got one of our cats she had the same problem. She was a baby, runt, and not the brightest. We'd close her in her room until she was clean (of course, not terribly long, a few hours, and with food and water and box). Eventually she got that a clean bottom meant free roam.

If you're going to help kitty get clean, I suggest something wet as opposed to dry.
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