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Infection in ears?

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I've just noticed some pretty gross looking stuff in my cats ears. It's on the inside but sort of up towards the tops of her ears. So, if you're just looking at her straight in the face you can see it in her ears. It's some sort of slightly orange colored stuff that looks like dried skin in a way but it's kind of growing on her skin, or something? I don't really know how to explain it.

I'm assuming it's some kind of infection, but I don't know. I ran a tissue over it and some flaked off. There was some that had a bit of a waxy consistency but I'm sure it's not wax...especially not being where it is and being in both ears. The rest was really dry and flaky. But, most of it seems really attached to her ear so I don't want to try picking it off, or anything.

Does anyone have any clue what this might be? She's got an appointment to see the vet on Monday to get some stitches out. Do you think she should be okay to wait until then?

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I also wanted to add that the rest of her ears look clean and healthy. There's no gunk or anything lower down in her ears around the ear canal.

They don't seem to be itching her either even though it looks like it should itch. But, she's also been wearing one of those plastic cone things around her head for the past 10 days because she's just been spayed.
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More then likely its ear mites.What your describing sounds like it. She should be ok to wait till Monday. They vet will give you ear drops for the ear mite infection. If its severe they can also give a injection but the shot has to be given two times I think two weeks apart. You could try gently cleaning her ear with a wet cotton ball. Long as though shes not digging at her ears or showing any sign of being ill. She should be fine till her Monday appointment.
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I also wanted to add that the rest of her ears look clean and healthy. There's no gunk or anything lower down in her ears around the ear canal.
You'd think that if it was an infection/ear mites there would be gunk down in the ear.
Is she a scavenging type of cat? Like garbage cans?
Perhaps she just stuck her head into something interesting and got residue on the tips of her ears?
I'd clean it off with alcohol or mineral oil and see what is underneath.

Is she ever bathed or do her ears get cleaned regularly? Sometimes if a cats ears get really dirty a film like substance forms on the inside the ears yet not in the ear canal- if it was that it will sort of rub off with your fingers. Again, I'd just clean it off with cotton balls and ear cleaner.

Got a pic?

I'd maybe take a walk around the house and see if you see anything the same color and consistency anywhere.

You'll be at the vets anyway, and that's good in case it is something.
Either way please report back! I like my mysteries solved!
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I'm pretty sure it isn't just something she got into that's stuck to her. There's just nothing at all she could possibly get into. She's an indoor only cat and the kitchen is off limits to them...the door stays closed.

I tried cleaning it as best I could with a tissue. I took that plastic cone thing off for a bit today to let her clean herself and she spent a lot of time trying to clean her ears. It's really pretty gross looking.

Unfortunately, my camera is broken and I can't get a picture. But, I was looking at it again and it sort of looks like how a really bad cold sore might look on someone's mouth. Not the same but that's the closest thing I can compare it too.

I don't want to pick at it too much because what is attached to the skin looks really attached.

I'm pretty sure it's not ear mites. I've seen that in cats before and it doesn't look anything like it.

I guess I'll see what the vet says on Monday. Meanwhile, I hope the other cat doesn't catch it if it's something contagious! They've kind of been staying away from each other since being spayed though so I think they'll be okay.
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That sounds like scabs.
Like when horseflies bite at horses ears and they get all encrusted.

Or nasty ringworm where she's scratched it raw.

Yep- vet.
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Well, the vet had no idea what it was. He thought it was weird that it was in the exact same spot in each ear. He picked it all off and made the poor baby bleed. But, it's gone now. The skin looked all dried and peeled underneath. He put some gel stuff on it and said that the thinks it'll clear up. He said it could be possible that it was caused from wearing the plastic cone thing on her head. I'm hoping it doesn't come back since he didn't know what it was!
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