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In the next 42 hours...

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In the next 42 hours, I have to work 32 of them!!!!

This makes me very sad. 16 hours today, and 16 hours tomarrow. WHEN AM I GOING TO SLEEP!?? They screwed up my schedule at both jobs, and I got stuck with doing this. And I am seriously scared Im going to fall over dead from tiredness.

And we have a friend moving in tonight, that is going out with my DH's ex-girlfriend. And she might be spending the night here with our friend. Well, that freaks me out just a tad, because he left her for me. UGH! And Im not even going to BE HERE to watch that chic.

Bad weekend Im about to have. And I just thought I'd vent it out here, because you guys are such great listeners. Well...here I go...off to work.
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Good luck! How can they get away with giving you so many hours?!!Don't worry I'm sure you husband won't even look at this girl.
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Oh my! That is a lot of hours to have to work - I'm sorry they stuck you with such bad hours!

to you!
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Massive amounts of hugs to you. Don't you hate it when you need to be somewhere but responsibility like work drags you away. Ugh, what a pain. I am sorry, hopefully it will be over with soon. I wouldnt worry about this girl though. Hopefully she wont even be there. HUGS!!!
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I hope you survived your time ok??? So where to do you live in WI??? I live in the Fox Valley area!!
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WOw a 5 hour shift is enough for me
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