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She slaps to get what she wants

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My family & I adopted a wonderfull kitten 10 weeks ago. She has become very loveable and quiet a pleasure to live with.There is only one thing I would like to get under control... She now swats to be petted, swats to play, basically slaps if she is not getting what she wants @ the time. She has come a long way from hiding under my bed (she now sleeps in my bed and slaps me when it is time to get up)to scratching & hissing and now slapping us to meet her demands.I love playing w/ her and petting her but would also love for her to realize no slaps are neccessary.I know she is not being mean in anyway ; she has gotten great about not using her nails on us and such a little sweetie.I feel guilty about posting because she is basically a joy and fits in perfect w/ us.
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You kitten sounds like a real sweetie!

The problem you describe is easy to correct.

The most important thing to remember is that you should NEVER give her what she wants when she slaps. Every time you respond to the slaps, you are rewarding the naughty behavior.

If she slaps, just stay perfectly still. Don't pull away your hand (she might find this entertaining)...just sit quietly.

Also, when she slaps, say NO! strongly or blow a puff of air in her face. Neither will harm her, but she will find them aversive.

Eventually, she will learn that she does not get what she wants when she slaps, and instead has something she doesn't like when she slaps.

Please note that you do not want to slap her back or hit her in any way. Animals tend to respond to aggression with aggression, so saying NO or puffing air are safe ways to inhibit the unwanted behavior.

Good luck!
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Thank you for your reply. I would never slap back @ her; I would hate to destroy the trust & would not like it to become a slapping game.I was afraid my first post may have sounded like she still hisses and scratches; what I meant was she no longer does that just slaps.She is a doll; thank you for welcoming me & your advice!
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So I will just also welcome you to the boards! Your kitty sounds like a typical feral. That is how they get their way in a colony, but slapping and intimidating each other. It is a survival tactic.
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The pound told us she was caught in a trap and was about 12wks old when we adopted her; We were told Mother Cat was caught along side her in a trap also.She was just scared @ first and I think she is just spoiled now. She is such a good kitten it is hard to imagine she did not have a home.I have been pulling my hand away when she slaps; I did not think about her finding that entertaining! I was not sure if yelling "No" allot would make her scared of me or make her resent me.I have visited many of sites trying to learn what to do and what not to do; first time to post in any cat site! Thanks so much; My husband & I have mainly had dogs in our lives but have realized how great Cats are also.
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lol hmm

Asim does that. when he's desperate for attention.
I'll walk into the kitchen to get food he'll meow i'll say hello. He jumps on the counter I say whats up? Then he jumps on top of the fridge and starts pawing at me. i love him
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