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RIP Lil' Smoke & Chipper

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I am writing this on behalf of Tiffany (PrincessTiffany).

For those of you that dont know her story it can be found here

However, I am sad to post that one of the 2 kittens did not make it. The grey one named Lil' Smoke crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today.
Thankfully though this sweet baby did not die alone but rather passed away peacefully in the arms of the one that loved him

Tiffany, please dont blame yourself for this. I know your heart is heavy right now but you also know that you did everything in your power to give this little one a fighting start. Allow yourself time to grieve and be gentle with yourself.

RIP Lil' Smoke - enjoy those angel wings darlin

Lil' Smoke
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RIP Smoke
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Thank you so much for making this. It really means alot to me, and I know lil' Smoke would be pleased as well. You are to sweet, and to kind.

As for Lil' Smoke, I only knew him for a short time...around 72 hours to be exact. I knew he never got the chance to see me, but I seen him. And I will always remember him...I'll remember the first time I seen him, and the first time I held him, and the first time I fed him...everything right up until he passed peacefully in my arms.

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Oh my goodness, i just read your thread on friday as well!

I'm so very sorry, what you did for these babies was fantastic so always remember that And althogh Lil Smoke didn't see you he'll know that you did help him

Have fun over the bridge Lil Smoke, theres lots of kittens to play with over the bridge so you'll have many friends
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(((Tiffany))) You are wonderful and an angel!
RIP, lil Smoke!
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Thank you so much for your sweet comments.
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RIP Lil Smoke.
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Aw, I'm so sorry to hear of Lil' Smoke's passing. I hope Chipper continues to do well. Sometimes little babies like that just don't thrive, for whatever reason. We call it "failing kitten syndrome." Don't blame yourself, it sounds like you did everything you could. Sending good vibes and prayers your (and Lil' Smoke's) way!
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Chipper passed away in his sleep last night. I'm so sorry everyone, I tried!!! I wanted these little kitties to grow into healthy, loving cats. They both fought right till' the very end.

I'm so sick and lost right now........
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Oh sweetie i'm so sorry But please don't blame yourself because you did do everything you could have.

These two cherubs were wanted somewhere else thats all, and they'll be ok where their going

Play happily over the bridge Chipper. Lil Smokes waiting ythere for you
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Tiffany I am so very sorry. Sometimes these things happen but Chipper fought right until the end, and you fought with him. Words escape me right now.

Now he is free of pain and reunited with his brother Lil' Smoke. I have no doubt that his namesake has found him as well.

Play freely little one - know that you are loved and deeply missed

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This really means so much to me... You'll never know how much you(all of you) have helped me. Thank you so much.

Lil' Smoke and Chipper, I love and miss you so much...My sweet little babies!!! You will ALWAYS be in my heart!!!
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I am so sorry for your loss. How especially painful to lose both Lil' Smoke and Chipper! My condolences to you.

Rest in peace, sweet little babies. You will be greatly missed!
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Thank you
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