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Another question about my new kitten:

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I've never had a kitten before and I'm having a bit of difficulty with Walter. He just came home this Wednesday. I looked up articles online and read books, but I still feel the need to ask some questions here because you guys really know your stuff! =^.^=

I keep Walter in a safe room at night or when I go out with his toys, food, water, bed, and a radio on low for company. But he seems really stressed out to be in there all night! He'll cry for periods of time and doesn't seem to be eating at all while he's up there. I heard it's normal for them to cry at night and it's best to just ignore it, but he seems stressed even when I let him out in the morning or when I come home. He mews and mews until I pick him up and will cry if I'm not in the same room with him. His vocalization seems to be getting worse, too. He cannot stand to be left in a room alone, confined or not confined.

Is this normal kitten behavior and is he still adjusting to being in a new place and away from his littermates? Should I ignore his loud cries and only pay him attention when he is more quiet? I would feel guilty ignoring him, as he is so new and young. He's healthy and active, so it can't be cries of physical discomfort. Also, should I keep confining him in a room at night or let him roam the house? I'd have him sleep in my room but my cockatiel is kept in there.

I worry if I let him roam the house he'll get hurt or keep me up all night mewing at my door... I'm pretty lost here. Any help is appreciated!
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Why keep him locked up? My cats don't like being beyond any door in the house if a person is on the other side. We let them roam all over whenever, except one room that's off limits. And they only complain about that when we're in that off-limits room.

If you're afraid he'll get hurt, just kitty-proof your place, just like for a baby. Get on your hands and knees and take care of anything that's dangerous. Remove plants, dangling strings or cords (electrical cords are usually fine and if they chew on them, spray some bitter-spray on them), put outlet covers on if you're worried about that, put dishes away, put baby locks on cabinets he can get in to...

And yes, he will whine at your door if you keep it closed because of the bird. No real way to get around it, unfortunately.
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Yes, my cats also do not like to be on the other side of a closed door - to me!

I know other members have cats and birds live in relative harmony, they might be able to give you some advice on how to get it to work!

I feel that maybe Walter might calm down if he were allowed to sleep with you and/or wander the house freely!

My Willow is extrememely vocal and also doesn't like to be in a room without me! I do have to put all three of my kitties in an upstairs room when I go out and they settle quite quickly! But I do have to let them out promptly when I come back!

I also think that Walter will settle more with time!
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The best way for cats to learn to live with birds in peace is for them to start learning as young as possible.
Try him out in your room

Do you cover your birds at night?
If you do, I would suggest not doing so until they are used to the kitten as tiels are prone to nightfrights and being covered will make them thrash about looking for their roost.

Be sure you have a very sturdy cage and secure it so that it cannot be knocked to the floor, etc.

If your kitten gets curious, tell him No firmly and redirect him to a toy.
I do not recommend cat toys that have feathers in homes with birds.

I also must warn you that cat saliva (dog, even human as well) carries pasteurella bacteria which can be fatally toxic to prey animals (including birds). So do not let your kitten mouth the cage as the birds may later ingest salvia climbing around on the bars.

I have kept multiple birds and multiple cats for a very, very long time with no cat related bird deaths/injuries.
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Thank you!

I actually did just that last night; I double-checked the rest of my house and closed a few doors to the more potentially dangerous rooms and didn't keep him confined. He was fine! He slept in my den on the couch all night so, wow, I'm so relieved. No more upstairs room for him!

His mewing doesn't bother me--I just worry about stress and whatnot. He seems fine today.

Thanks for the bird advice, too! My cockatiel has another cage downstairs that I put him in so he's not all alone upstairs all day. Walter watches him and he watches Walter, but Walter hasn't tried to get up on the cage or anything.
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