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something wierd....

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ok this was strange. Skittles was on the couch and then leaned over me and my arm was wet when she left. At first I thought maybe she got wet cleaning herself. She has been doing a lot of grooming on her belly. I have felt that before this was very noticeable and WET... No clue how else to explain it. Also she lays to her side when she goes to lay down. Is it because of the babies.
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I have no idea! Maybe it was milk?!?
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The same thing happend to me and 12 hours later she had 5 babies! To this day I don't know what the wetness was ( not sure I want to know either lol)
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She has like 3 weeks at least to go. I feel bad because her poor sides are full. I noticed it last night. She is so happy looking lol.
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Maybe it was milk.......from laying on you and the pressure?? Dunno......
Could you have the timing off for when shes due?
Or maybe you just pushed too hard on her bladder without realizing it and with the pressure from the babies????? Kinda gross that idea. lol
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She was laying her belly right on my arm the butt was further away..I felt the nips on my arm. Like I said 2 weeks ago I did not know she was pregnant the vet told me and since then she has really blossomed. HEr sides look packed.
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I'd say it was prolly milk...I have a stray here I'm trying to get; she has such a huge tummy, and when she walks, (not to be gross) you can actually see her nips "squirt" milk out on occasion. I had seen it on dogs, but never cats. I guess ya learn something new everyday.....
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She was on my lap today and left little spots. Looked like a water sprinkle. I think it is milk and it is early.
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This was probably already covered, as I prolly missed a post or two...but are you sure about when she actually got pregnant? 3 weeks away seems way too early for milk??
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no not sure. LOL that the part that sucks.
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There's many times vets are wrong about the due date
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Mine just said 2 weeks ago I feel babies they are small small so she is at least 25 days I amthiking May 19th is the due date.
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arn't they supposed to get milk a couple of day berfore bebies I would call a vet and or take her in for a x-ray that will probley give you a better idea
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I think she is closer than you think. It seems you have been posting about her for a long time. I don't remember, are you sure about the conception date? My memory is poor, but she is one cute kitty and I can't wait to see what her babies look like.
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I posted March 23 about trying to get her inside. She was a indoor/outdoor she went out for 2 hr everyday that was it. On March 23 she would not come in. That was her 2nd night on her own outside. I brought her in and she wanted out but I did not let her out. She has been inside ever sense. I never had trouble keeping her in. She was hubbies cat so I let him do what he needed to. Now he is gone I don't want to lose her.
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If she was in/out cat she could have gotten prego before that couldn't she .I would wonder about the milk a vet vist woun't really hurt anything except you wallet
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My mom is paying she loves Skittles so much. Since it was Chris's cat she is paying for it all. We where going to wait another week for a xray but I will call in the morning to see what they have available
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Have you felt or seen the kittens move yet?
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My queens have got milk as early as 7-8 days before delivering before. Are you feeling any movement yet? Has she had any vaginal discharge. If she has groomed a lot of her hair away from her teats, it may have just been sweat condensation, from her belly touching your skin.
I look forward to hearing when she does deliver.
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I can feel them but can not see them
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How many days now have you been able to detect movement? Usually around 2 weeks to go, is the the beginning of feeling movement.
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I did yesturday just a flutter like we get while pregnant. The last week she has gotten big. I noticed her sides are huge.
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I frist started seeing movement the week before my Tinkerbelle had her 3.
I had no clue as to when she caught as she escaped. It sounds to me that things are closer that you think.!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!
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There is kick just flutter.... Also one of her teets do leak a little. Vet said it was not uncommon
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