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Not until it goes on video.... I know it has the approval of the families or it wouldn't have been made, but I'm not ready to re-live that horrible day.
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I had a friend who saw if Friday night and loved it. He said it was a very good film... but he didn't discuss the emotional aspect of it
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Well, Jerry and I went to see this movie yesterday. All I can say is it really puts into perspective what happened that fateful day of 9-11. The mass confusion, the loss of life, the heroic attempts by many, the fear, the anquish, and the comradery of many strangers to come together as one to support eachother in times of strife and uncertainty. The respect that we had before we went into the movie only multiplied by the time we left for the people of United flight 93. We're glad we went. It was one of the quietest movies, (audience) that we've ever sat with.
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We'll probably see it....

It's interesting, though, to hear about everyone who talks about how terrible 9/11 was, which is was, no bones about that, and about how emotional they get, etc., etc. I guess my whole thinking is that there are places in the world that experience large scale destruction and loss of life every day...Darfur, Iraq, Israel/Palestine....My heart always aches for these people as well and yet, we hear almost NOTHING about it, or when we do, we're so far removed from it that our hearts don't ache for those people the way they ache for the extraordinary loss of life on 9/11. I think the film is a good thing because we shouldn't forget, but we should never forget ANY of the unspeakable violence that happens at the hands of various groups/governemnts/religions every single day around the world.
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I want to see this film but living just outside NYC and having watched the Twin Towers fall, I don't know if I can watch this in a movie theatre.

I also work in the middle of Times Square in NY and I've lived in this area for over 30 yrs-I've never seen NYers scared before. It was very eerie.
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