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Another Question

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ok her two teets at the bottom of her abdomin feel as if they have milk. Is that suppose to happen and how many days before labor is that suppose to happen. The other question is can I give her milk? I had a bowl of cereal and she went nuts when she got in my face. What kind of milk can I give her? Also she is an outside cat and when she does come in she screams to go back out after a while however she has been in since last night and hasn't wanted to go back out all day. is that weird?
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I'm certainly no expert, but I wouldn't give her milk. It is extremely hard for cats to digest. You might try giving her kitten food; I've read on this board people suggesting that. I'm sure someone else can give you much more info... or you might try reading through the "Sticky" threads at the top of this board.
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thanks..she has been eating kitten food for about 3 weeks now. She hasn't eaten anything in a few hours so i am kind of starting to worry. She has slept all day and as i stated before she has not wanted outside all day. She is usually very vocal however she has not meowed all day either. She is purring alot and wants ALOT of attention. She wants me to be right beside her all the time.
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She could be getting closer. I've read posts from people whose cats have exhibited similar behavior pretty close to labor. It's nice to know she trusts you enough to want you around for the big event!
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I'd say she is definetly close, but no way to really tell unless you know when she was in heat. (sp?) You have a very trusting kitty!!
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her last heat was in feb around the 23-28 maybe sooner we went on vacation from the 18-22 and when we came home she was acting weird and crying and rolling around i knew she was in heat my husband caught her and the male cat "in the act" but we really don't remember the day.

I hope she has them soon I am getting really excited.
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Sounds about right. SHe is due soon.
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I think that she will probably have them within 24-48 hours, but that is my guess.
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I hope you are plannign to keep her and the kittens in while she's pregnant and nursing (and hoping you're planning on spaying her once she's weaned the kittens).

Not only is it better for all, but a cat can get pregnant a week after giving birth.

She's probably nesting, and sounds like she's sorta close. Hard to tell if you don't know how long she's been pregnant.

I don't know what it is about "cereal milk." Most cats seem to go crazy over it. They can't digest milk and it can give them diarrhea, so I wouldn't, especially now that's she's pregnant. The kitten food is perfect.
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