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New Kitten in The House

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We have a new kitten. She is adorable! It's a white and ginger female, 8 weeks old. I wasn't sure how bubbles would react, but thought I would give it a try. He is only 10-ish months old, so I wasn't worried he would kill her.

He hasn't been too bad, allthough definitley not happy. He growles and hisses at her, but his back-fur stays down, his tail doesn't puff up, and she is basically ignoring it, allthough she gives him a wide berth, but otherwise gets on with whatever she wants to do. He is still very curious about her and tries to sniff her bum and her back when she isn't looking. The moment she looks, he hisses. He hasn't attacked her at all, and tried a swat at her, but no claws.

She is now in my daughter's bedroom, especially as she isn't litter trained and had a couple of accients already (my daughters carpet is getting replaced in 3 weeks anyway) and he has the run of the rest of the house as usual. I didn't trust the situation enough to leave them together unsupervised over night.

Now what do I do ? Do I have to do a long intro ? Can I just let them together supervised ? And how do I litter train her ?

I am also a bit worried about locking her in my daughter's bedroom. She is only a kitten, and we aren't in the bedroom all the time. When my daughter is out, I check on her every 20 minutes, but it still feels wrong. I remember Bubles being attached to me 24/7 when we first got him. That's why I would like her to come out of that room as soon as possible. How do I do that ?
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Here are a few resources that might be helpful for you:

(read the 5th link down)

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I have read those. But I don't feel comfortable to keep an 8 week-old kitten locked into a room all the time at least not for 4 weeks. What is the quickest I can hope for ?
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have you tried to help the cat dig in the litterbox maybe put some of the droppings in the litter box. do your cats fight with each other? maybe they need to be introduced with you supervising the situation maybe it would help if the kitten watched the other cat use the litter box because they learn from their mothers maybe seeing a cat use it will make it come together.
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The litterbox issue is more or less sorted, the introduction is not. The kitten is for now in my daughter's bedroom, big old meany (Bubbles) is having the run of the rest of the house. The kitten isn't happy about it and one of us has to keep being in the bedroom with it as much as we can. I don't think we can last 4 weeks of that. What is the quickest I can hope for to introduce them ? The vet said that we cna just let them together, as Bubbles wont hurt a little kitten, but he does. When he is in foul mood he chases the kitten everywhere, and little one gets all stressed out, until Bubbles turns his back and little one decides to chase Bubbles' tail Bubbles was not impressed and swatted him....

I will try the intoduction as it said in the links above, but how quick can we hope for this to be complete ? Bubbles is having the snips this Thursday, and I don't want him to associate the little one with bad things, so we wont start anything until the weekend.
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I just went through the exact same thing. We introduced our new kitten Coltrane (8weeks) to Miles (3yrs) last week. Honestly it took exactly 5 days. Miles hissed for the first three days. We kept Coltrane in one of the spare bedrooms and although he had toys, food and the litter box he cried relentlessly. We had to take turns sleeping with him. So I know that can get rough. The things that worked for us was feeding them on opposite sides of the door and letting them smell each other for brief periods of time through a crack in the door. We let Coltrane run around in the house at times while Miles stayed out on the sun porch. The cool thing was that they could see each other through the window. Sometimes they would just stare at each other forever. By the fifth day they were both so curious about each other and I couldn't take Coltrane's crying any longer so I just opened his door. They smelled each other and ran down the stairs and the rest is history. They are becoming fast friends eating and playing together. Miles is a bit bigger so sometimes it gets too rough but when I try to break them up, they start licking each other. Have patience it may take longer than 5 days but I think two weeks should be more than enough time.
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wow, thats really encouraging ! I will try that from the weekend onwards. Toilet training is going backwards again, the little guy will dig in the toilet, only to hop out to do his business and then try to cover it in the toilet..... sigh ! I hink he isn't the brightest spark on the planet....
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