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Pebbles is having to go back to the vets again

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HAve lost track of how many times she has already been there this year!! Her back leg is looking like it is out of position, she has a dodgy back leg anyway cos she has been hit by a car when she was younger, the vet looked at it last year for me and didn't seem to say she would get any probs from it - she can walk, run and jump on it though, and is eating and drinking well. I thought she was holding it odd earlier, but she has had probs walking on my new quilt so dismissed it, but am ringing at 9am when they open - I know they keep emergency spaces, so will insist on her being seen tomorrow. And I had already booked an app for next weekend for her, cos her nose is looking worse and she is looking a bit thin, and the Australian vet isn't on this weekend.No idea if I will see the regular vet tomorrow, the vet I refuse to see (but will have to compromise in this case), or a vet we have never seen. Her breathing is also bothering me, but both vets have dismissed it so far, so might really push for that tomorrow, esp if it is a different vet.I do hope I am proved wrong about it being something serious again, but am really worried - I had a dream that we had to rush to the emergency vets at 2am with her, hope that doesn't come true. Please send good vibes for her, I am feeling sick with worry.
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I am so sorry I am most certainly sending good vibes your way from across the ocean... take a deep breath okay. She will pick up on your stress

I think it would be a good idea to stress the points that you are worried about even if you dont see a new vet. Your the one that knows Pebbles and your instincts should be listened to...

thinking of sweet Pebbles right now, let us know what they say
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cheers - she is perfectly happy, she is sat on the bed having a good clean, couldn't care less about her mum!! I think I am going to push for them to look into her breathing, the australian vet just checked her chest and said 'well, its clear' - maybe, but she has still had noisy breathing for at least 16 months, am sure it isn't normal for a cat - she is the only one out of 4 that does it.
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I know that you are so worried about sweet Pebbles.
I am sending lots of happy, loving vibes.
I'll be watching for your update.
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Literally worried sick!! I hate feeling sick. Her app is at 10.40. Still haven't seen her use the tray, and I have been up for nearly 2 hours now. She does keep drinking water, but not sure if that is cos I wont let her have any food. Only an hour to go till I get some answers though - it is a locum vet on today, so will push for an explanation for her noisy breath.
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I am sending positive thoughts your way.
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Any update? I really hope you can find out what's wrong with her, and that she's doing better soon.
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Sure hope Pebbles' appt went well and she is feeling better this evening. Please let us know how she's feeling!
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Well, what a day!!! Saw a locum vet, who pulled at her legs (good job I am used to holding my own cats at the vets!!), prodded her abdomen, listened to her chest, and looked at her ears, eyes, nose and mouth without saying a word!! Then said that he thought my friend was right about it being a dislocated hip, and he wanted a hip and chest x-ray (he put in her notes that he could hear a loudness in her chest), and if the chest x-ray came back clear, he wanted to do a further test to see if there was any reason for the noisy breathing. But, the other branch of my vets dont have a vet nurse on a Sat (despite 4 receptionists), so they couldn't do the x-rays there, we had to either go to the on-call vet, or wait till Mon - and if it was a dislocated hip, waiting till Mon would have meant there was no chance of trying to pop it back in place and woudl have meant surgery. I opted to go to the on call vet, who took her and said they would ring in a couple of hours, I thought I could wait while they did it. Turns out, she has a pin in her leg from when she had the car accident, and that is what was causing her to be lame, so he wanted to operate to remove it - I was iffy, as she is so far away, but decided it wasn't fair to bring her home today to have to take her to the regular vets during the week, when it could be done today and she could be home tomorrow. So, she has had an op, and I can ring when I get up to arrange picking her up. Her chest x-ray was clear, and he just said it must be coming from her throat - so it has been dismissed yet again. Fortunatley she doesn't have to have cage rest, but will have to be kept in for a while - he said a few days, but she will have stitches, so it will prob be till they are gone. I am pleased that I thought she would have to have an x-ray and pre-starved her, or she might have had to wait till Mon. Not looking forward to the bill though!!
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Wow, you really have had a day! At least the OP has been taken care of, and she'll be on the mend that much more quickly. Have any of the vets checked out her nose for polyps, or another obstruction? I've got my fingers crossed that she makes a speedy recovery, and that the bill isn't astronomical.
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That is so weird! To find something so major wrong, yet it doesn't address the other breathing problem. Unless maybe the pin has been causing her enough physical stress to make her prone to an upper respiratory infection. Or maybe there was some infection in the pin area too?

Having the surgery done on the weekend will certainly cost you, yet if it was progressing, waiting may have caused more complications. Poor Pebbles, she just needs some time to be really healthy. She is lucky to have such an attentive Mom!
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Thanks - it is going to be weird in the house tonight. Not as far as I know. She does have precancerous scabs on her nose, and I am convinced they are connected, but unless I can say ' I want a test for this' then I have to continue to be fobbed off, cos I don't know enough to push them. Now I know about polyps, I can ask them about the possibility - she is supposed to be going to getting her nose checked next weekend, but will have to see about that - will be two weeks after that if she isn't up to it though.
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You must be physically and emotionally worn out.
It's a good thing that you took Pebbles in.
She must have been in terrible pain.
I am sending lots of positive vibes to you and sweet Pebbles.
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I know you must be sick with worry, but I do sense that everything will be ok. Hugs and prayers for you~~
E and S3
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I'm sending prayers your way...It must be really hard for you right now.
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She is home, but not sure for how long!!! while she was eating, I noticed that she was holding her back leg funny (you can see it on the pic), so I rang the emergency vet back who told me it wasn't normal, and he was very sorry for not picking up on it, it could poss be some inflammation from taking the pin out. So, I can either get her back over today, and he will look at it free (should hope so ith how much I paid!!), or leave it till she sees my vet on Tues for a check up. My neighbour has said that if she is still struggling in a couple of hours, they will take me back over. Just how I wanted to spend my weekend!! Things are never simple with her!! And she didn't seem all that happy to see me, she turned her back on me when they brought her out, rather than look at me!! I do feel incredibly tired, doesn't help that I haven't slept that well the past two days.

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As difficult as this is, sweet Pebbles needs you more than ever.
Hang in there...
Let us be your support.
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Kitties hate the vet and want to make you feel bad for taking them. Children will do the same thing. Don't let her make you feel bad as you are doing what is best for her.

I hope she is doing well and won't need any more treatments so you can give her treats instead! LOL

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I will send healing prayers that she gets well soon.
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Sorry for the delay, my friend has been on the PC most of the afternoon. Ended up taking her back to the vets, and he says it looks like nerve damage, but he has never seen this happen before when a pin has been taken out (my neighbours have had cats for over 20 years, and mine have had things that they have never come across!!) and has taken lots out. He says it is quite swollen though, so what he is hoping is that the swelling (which he also can't fully understand as all he did was make a slight incision and the pin was there) is pressing on her sciatic nerve and causing it to be trapped - it could take up to a week for it to come down though, and nerve damage is irreversable, so if it isn't due to the swelling, I don't know where we go, I didn't really want to ask. She is on 3 drops of Metacam once a day for 3 days, then 2 a day for the rest of the week, but have just struggled getting her to eat, and I bought more of her favourite food yesterday that she never refuses. He assures me she will be able to use the litter tray without any probs, but I am going to keep her in the bathroom while I am at work, as the one in the bedroom is a large lidded one (to stop Molly missing), and I am pulling up the carpet in a couple of weeks anyway, so no big deal if she misses. She already has a bed, food and water bowl in there.
Have to say, I haven't noticed her noisy breathing today, so maybe it was related to the pin, he did say they don't normally stay in that long, he normally removes them after 9 months, I have had her 15 months, and her previous owners knew nothing about the pin.
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I pray that soon, Pebbles will be pain free.
I am sending lots of healing thoughts to you & your sweet little girl.
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Well, her pupils are back to normal, and she is seeming OK in herself. Eating is an issue though, she seems to want to eat wet food, but puts it in her mouth, moves it round and drops most of it. She has eaten a lot of dry food though, so am not too concerned. She has drank a lot of water though, I am hoping it is a combination of the anaesthetic and eating dry food. Her leg to me looks worse - at first I thought it was looking well, cos her paw wasnt bending under as much, but then I noticed that while the paw was fine, her leg was actually turning out, and then she started dragging it behind her, and at least 3 times since I got home, she has been walking and has ended up sitting/lying down cos her leg gave up. But, we are seeing the vet tomorrow, and am speaking to the vet who did her op, so we will know more. We have worked out that the pin has been in for at least 4 years, and the vet said they normally take them out after 9 months, so I wonder if that is part of the problem.
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Now you need to go relax a few ok.. Pepples you are getting tons of prayers your way.
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I will be watching for your update tomorrow.
Lots of good thoughts coming Pebbles way.
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WEll, the wound is looking good, but there is still some swelling, so the vet is still hopeful that the nerve damage is due to the swelling, we have to give it a week on anti-inflammatories and if no better in a week, she has to have more x-rays. She has also advised keeping her just in one room so that she has some exercise but doesn't overdo it, I have been doing this while I have been at work anyway, partly so she could have food left down all the time, partly cos I was concerned that she might hurt herself when jumping off the bed and I wouldn't be around - the vet said she will only fall once and then realise, but my concern is that she will do some damage if she falls, and she already has one dodgy leg. I have brought her into my room while I am here to supervise so she can have some time out, and will do that all week for her. But she is eating well, and using the toilet, and seeming well in herself, so as long as this is only due to the swelling, then she should be fine.
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Please let us know. I will keep the prayers coming and the fur kids paws crossed.
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It sounds like Pebbles leg is getting better.
Thanks for keeping us updated.
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thats a great update! Fingers crossed here that this is all due to the swelling
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Well, everytime she is walking, her back leg is sort of turning, as though it can't hold her weight. Don't know if that is a good sign or not, or whether it is still indicative of nerve damage, or if there is a prob with the bone after the pin being taken out. I do have to ring for some more Metacam tomorrow though (no idea how much I have left, and it is bank hol weekend, so best getting some more now), so I might get chance to speak to the vet.
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I hope you do, hunny, and that these signs are good signs. Still praying and thinking of you, checking your updates.
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